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Akashic Answers: Connect with Future Timelines

Akashic Answers: Connect with Future Timelines Amanda Romania

Blessings to you! Akashic records hold vast amounts of information about the soul’s journey. While we can clear blockages and contracts from past lives that hold us back, I often find it inspiring to look at future timelines. These timelines can change based on our actions today. I feel that knowing where I’m heading the next time around can help me in my life choices and decisions now.

I’m intrigued by future timelines in the akashic records. I try to be present, but I’ve had dreams that show very futuristic events. Sometimes they are really beautiful, and sometimes they are very scary and disturbing. What do you think I’m looking into in my dream state? Are these akashic records?
— Gwen, Florida

From Amanda: This information is coming to you in your astral travel work while you’re asleep. Your oracle shows you as a peacekeeper in the galactic realms, and you have access to not only your akashic records but also those of others. On the present earthly plane, we have many possible future outcomes.