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Benevolent Outcomes: Things Happen at the Right Time

Benevolent Outcomes: Things Happen at the Right Time Tom T. Moore

Something magical happens when you begin requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your life. A parking space opens right in front of a busy restaurant. You narrowly miss being in a car crash. You do much better than you expected on an exam. Your business meeting exceeds your expectations. A court case is settled in your favor. You find the perfect home, the perfect job, or the perfect mate.
On and on it goes. The magic even happens when you say a benevolent prayer (BP) for others. Say these MBOs and BPs out loud because that creates special energy and lifts you up. Here are some stories from people using this simple and powerful tool.
For Happy Homes
Linda writes: I was moving into a cottage on my farm, so I requested an MBO for an easy and safe process. I also requested that my furniture be delivered when it wouldn’t sit outside in the rain, as scattered rain showers were predicted. There was no rain at the time of delivery, and I was standing in the driveway when the truck came. The driver even left the pieces closer to my destination. I was able to get the furniture into the house by myself, requesting MBOs all the way in!