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The Living Alphabet: The Alchemy of Goodness: the Letter Jj

Angeline Welk

The archetypal nature of the letter Jj prompts you to let goodness lead you as you define your life in this era, calling for an all-inclusive justice brightened with kindness. Goodness is love in motion. Its interior light is that of justice, fairness, humility, and responsibility.

Essences of Nature: Regaining the Power to Participate Fearlessly in Love

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

As we near our favorite holiday of love, it prompts the question, モWho do we love?ヤ Do we love our significant other? Do we love ourselves? How does the way and manner in which we love fulfill or deny us? What do we expect when we say, モI love youヤ?

Shamanic Wisdom: The Shamanic Use of Effigies

Jan Engels-Smith

Effigies have been a part of many cultures even up to contemporary times. To モburn someone in effigyヤ refers to creating a physical likeness of a person for the purpose of denigrating the individual.

Shamanic Wisdom: Creating a Difference

Jan Engels-Smith

In an infinite universe that has existed for eons, we may feel small and insignificant. But when we view life as an eternal and timeless spirit with unconstrained access to the cosmic mysteries, our potential for creativity and influence has no limits.

Essences of Nature: Driven to Distraction

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Have you ever had the experience of really wanting to do "your thing," such as set aside writing, painting, or even hiking time? You make a plan, you schedule it in, and then all heck breaks loose.

Benevolent Outcomes: Benevolence for Fellow Beings

Tom T. Moore

Patricia writes: Here is my most benevolent prayer story. My daughter's friend lost her lead sled dog. Two dogs got out of the kennel; one came back all wet. The owner feared the other had drowned in an inaccessible, wet area on the property.

Shamanic Wisdom: The Power on You

Jan Engels-Smith

Journeying is the altered, trance-like state of consciousness that a shaman enters when seeking assistance from the spirits. Cross-culturally, a shaman journeys to three worlds — the upper, lower, and middle.

Essences of Nature: Warrior with a Wide-Open Heart

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

There is a freedom that comes from being fully expressed. It makes us appreciate and anticipate whether our bodies are communicating that they want to hide and roll into a ball or leap into action to make great strides.

The Living Alphabet: Spiritual Regeneration - Letter Mm

Angeline Welk

A wise reminder offered in the wisdom teachings is: "Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water out of your own well" (Proverbs 5:15, ESV).

Billy Meier UFO Contacts

Michael Horn

This is my first column for the Sedona Journal, and I want to hit the ground running. My focus will be on the Billy Meier UFO contacts, still ongoing for over seventy-two years in Switzerland, and their unique authenticity.


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