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A New Age Healing

A New Age Healing Marcus Paterna

This story is one of profound determination and support that is meant for everyone, especially for those who have been inflicted with a serious handicap or disease, one capable of rendering someone an invalid—an invalid not only of body but of mind, even the soul itself, such as when your sense of self-worth becomes as nothing and remains this way, day after day. In many cases, these sad, self-tortured souls will spend the remaining time of their human existences wishing for an end to living as life for them becomes a thing of anger, making their situations those of blackness. However, there are those rare souls who cast their lifelines into the sea of light that divinity has offered to them and all in need.

This is an episode in the life of a mature woman named Beverly P. She is a woman married to a man with two children from a previous marriage, and she has two children of her own with him. Sadly, there was a great deal of friction between the husbands' teenaged children and stepmother Beverly, as the children blamed her for the breakup of the husband's marriage to their mother. A lack of love also developed between Beverly and her husband, which worsened as the years passed. Eventually, Beverly's husband became interested in other women, one in particular, which caused considerable upset to Beverly's relationship with her husband.