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Inner and Outer Revolutions

Aluna Joy

Life has been a major roller coaster ride these past few weeks. We are feeling and witnessing an inner revolution of duality. Our inner and outer worlds are transforming right before our eyes.

Balance in Partnership: Working with Flower Essences

Dr. Tobi Redlich

Flower essences vibrate with the soul and awaken particular qualities in it, just as strumming the C-string on a guitar will cause the same note to vibrate on another guitar in the same room. And just as a piece of music—sound vibrations— may move your soul, flower essences heal by resonance.

Essences of Nature: Using Your Words

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

You can't find the words. You have all these important things you want to say and share. You start to articulate but it doesn't come out right. You scratch your head, hoping to connect the speech center. You look and feel misunderstood. You even misunderstand what you are trying to say.

The Highway to Inner Peace

Jenn Prothero

We have become accustomed to a world that is seemingly full of chaos and negativity. Our lives have been filled with news reports that confirm that we have lost control of all the good in the world.

Activities for Children: Winter Water-Land Adventure

Lynne Cox

While you are walking through the park, it starts to rain ever so lightly. You almost bump into a pussy willow tree beside the path. "Angel, are you on this walk with me?" you query.

"Yes, dear one, I go everywhere with you," Angel replies.

Activities for Children: Camel Adventure

Lynne Cox

Lying on your bed, you gaze up at the ceiling when a triangle shape appears. "I've never seen a triangle shape on my ceiling before," you think to yourself. You look around your room to see what has created the shape on your ceiling, yet nothing stands out.

Request Benevolent Outcomes

Tom T. Moore

Hi everyone, and welcome to this month's stories and questions about requesting most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) in your life. Have you tried this out yet?

Request Benevolent Outcomes and Change Your Life

Tom T. Moore

Welcome to this month's edition of my benevolent outcomes column.

Ten Principles of Spiritual Parenting: Nurturing Your Child's Soul

Mimi Doe

In an online survey, I asked teens, "What do you wish your parents did differently?" The overwhelming response was not what I expected. I expected them to want more freedom, a later curfew, or another gadget.

Getting Past the Past

Stefanie Miller

The energy of change is upon us. So much has occurred in recent times, yet in many ways things look very much the same. It's as if we are looking through the corners of our eyes and can see glimpses from the past as well as what is to come, snapshots into the future.


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