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Et Sightings Will Increase As Earth Becomes More Benevolent

Et Sightings Will Increase As Earth Becomes More Benevolent Pleiadian Human through Robert Shapiro



You have a vehicle in space that is there regularly— some kind of space station or something? I thought I would come by, so to speak [chuckles], and mention something.


There were three ships there this week. One may have been detectable to those looking through telescopes—as people do on Earth—because this machine in space is detectable at times. For at least a few seconds, one of the ships was detectable, and I believe that some kind of rapid cover story [chuckles] has been assembled and disseminated to your news services to try to cover that up, because there was some buzz for a while about a vehicle near the space station. It is true. There were three vehicles, but two of them were not visible; they were not all there at the same time, and they were not all of a group. The vehicle that was briefly detected was on its own, from its own place. The other two vehicles—the ones that were not detected and that are not detectable with your current technology—were from another place.