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Why the Upshift?

Why the Upshift? Sarah McCroskey

With all the talk about the shift in consciousness, the end of the Mayan Calendar, 2012, the great turning—and however else you want to refer to our human evolution—one question is rarely addressed: Why? Of course we have played out the game of limitation to its extreme. There is no question that we've disregarded and disrespected our home planet and her vital communities to the point of peril. It goes without saying that our core human values have been usurped by separatism, fear, and economic profit-taking. So the need for change is clear. But what lies at the end of this tunnel of transformation? Why the vibrational upticking? We know what we're leaving behind, but where are we going?

Envisioning a future world is of critical importance. Vision is an active imagining, an energetic living into a global dream. It is not analytical or some sort of parsing activity: "Yes this, not that." Vision steps out into the ethers, without guarantees, often appearing preposterous yet focused, intent, heart-based, and deeply connected to a picture, a framework, and a spirit well beyond the ordinary conditioned claptrap.