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Listen to Find Understanding

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, we are a collective of the human family that encompasses the energy and heart of what you call Gaia. We include the wisdom of the Hathors and others who dearly love you for the bravery you continue to show during these turbulent and chaotic times.

Recognize the Reasons for Boundaries

One Life
Catherine Weser

If you pay attention to the world’s news, you hear a lot of discussion of boundaries and borders — how open or closed they should be. This affects your notion of your personal boundaries and borders. How open or closed should they be?

Learn to Use the Torus of Love

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

We connect with you in the energy of love today. There is a resonance in the energy around your planet that speaks of, what you call, love. It is one of the higher frequencies of energy that you are able to experience in your third-dimensional body.

Six Steps to Freedom

The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

Nothing happens now by accident or coincidence. However, that does not mean that it was part of the plan.

Unite the Soul through Self-Understanding

The Collective Soul
Carolyn Gervais

By the time most people become adults, they have been told that there is a God who created their world and a realm called heaven. They are told that in heaven, there is nothing but the total peace, love, and bliss of that God.

The Wall

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, beloved friend, the word “friend” is a derivation of another word that means “equal.” You are equal to me. Now, I know that your holy fathers have said, “Well, that cannot be.

Focus Entirely on the Light

Ingrid Auer

You are really going through turbulent times! No matter what country and continent you inhabit, there are great changes, upheavals, and even breakdowns. Although the spiritual world has been preparing you for years, there is a big difference between hearing something and experiencing it.

God Wins

Ariel and Uriel
Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. Peace to all beings. Mercy. Mercy. The expression we need to get through now is that time is a direction. Before you were born, you were in the eternal presence. Everything, everywhere, seen and being, is.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Mother Ulura
Karinna Nielsen

As Mother Earth continues her shifting process, I encourage you to create spaces in your life on all four bodies — physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual — to nurture peace, balance, and harmony within you.

Connect with Your Lightbody Meditation

Supreme Creator Goddess

Breathe deeply several times through your heart space. Stand, preferably with music in the background, and close your eyes. With your imaginary magic wand, draw a complete circle of light around your feet. Begin Ronna’s infinity breath exercise.


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