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Forgive Your Imperfections

The Lords of Time
Maureen St. Germain

You might have heard again and again that you are a sovereign being. We want to dive deeper into the concept of sovereignty to help you understand that you have freedom in every moment.

The Crystalline Universe

Jaap van Etten

All previous articles in this Crystalline Universe series have delved into the enigma of consciousness. We have discovered that beyond the consciousness construct in our fourth world, three more consciousness constructs exist in other worlds.

Live as an Ascended Being

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

How does an embodied ascendant live in the new meta-light physics of golden core-essence love?

Change Accelerates

Inspired Information
Sara Wiseman

What was once an idea not even formed as thought is now shouted across the rooftops. You now have language for things that you could not even comprehend a few years ago. This level of change-adapt-change continues at an accelerated, exponential, and compressed rate.

Step Over the Threshold

David Perez

We are Telos, a conglomerate of multidimensional galactic beings. We focus through one perspective to deliver our message to humanity at this time.

The Cage Door Is Open

Yeshua and Angels
Denise Bennett, PhD

Yeshua and angels, do you have a message of truth for eager students of light?

The Alchemy of Humanity

the Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

The mysticism and chemistry of alchemy lies within our human desire to transform the mundane into the divine, change lead into gold, cure illness and disease, and discover the secret to indefinitely extending life.

Your Heart of Gold

Supreme Creator Goddess

Did you know that you have, and have always had, a heart of gold? This saying is real. Your heart is pure gold. Your energy sings of this pure gold. It is the color and song of soul love, of my love connected always to you through our hearts. You were born with it.

The Destiny of Mastery: Humans in Turmoil

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. A revelation of the majesty within — the magnificence within — is happening right now on the planet. Can a Human Being peacefully exist while in turmoil? The answer is yes, and it shows the magnificence of the Human.

The New Timeline of Light

Jeri Castronova

Greetings, beloved sisters and brothers: Two thousand years ago when I spoke of love, peace, and the kingdom of heaven, many people didn’t understand what I was talking about.


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