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You Can Have It All

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Is your cosmic diamond self, whose multifacets assist you with all your self-reflections, ready to step into the self-realized, enlightened, divine human master and the lightbody? The cosmic self does things with you in your self-reflective, diamond cell body.

You Have Chosen Love

Starbeings of Conroy
Thelma Bodnar

Our prayers fall around you so that you know our great love for you. You may choose to recognize and receive them, or you may dismiss them as not for you. We understand, as it has long been your free will. Nevertheless, we wish you to acknowledge our deep and abiding love for each of you.

Learn to Ground into New Earth Energies

Archangel Michael
Norma Gentile

Archangel Michael: Many people have been feeling odd lately. Most assume it has to do with the various weather storms or political world events, but there is more going on.

Choose to Live in the Energy of Love

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

We tell you what you already know: You are creating your future. We cannot tell you with any certainty what is coming because you are not complete with your creation process at this point.

Welcome Fearless Mastery

Archangel Daniel
Sri Ram Kaa

Look before you. What do you see? Revealing itself now is the awareness, application, and gift of the energy of welcoming. Most welcoming is energy and a presence that lovingly comes forward and ignites itself as a remembrance and a beginning.

Light Up Your Heart for the Great Shift

Mother Ulura
Karinna Nielsen

For the past few years, I have been humbly honored to channel messages of love from Mother Ulura. She recently offered insights about her origins and her purpose for coming through a channel to address the human world at this time of the great shift in consciousness.

The Next Portal Has Been Activated

Spiritus Sanctus
Pam Murray

My beloveds, how wonderful it is to have this vehicle to communicate with you. I have come today to tell you about a portal that is opening. In truth, it is not new, but it is now accessible to you.

Do Not Bury Your Talent

Cathy Chapman

Good morning, my dear ones, my precious ones. How amazing to have you all gathered here! Have no concerns if you are listening or reading this; you are still gathered here.

Energy Just Is

One Life
Catherine Bean Weser

What is the value of judging energy? Determining that some energy is good and some is bad or that some energy is too much and some is not enough and is a distraction from being with energy as it is.

The Law of One

Virginia Ellen

You often speak of the concept of oneness. It is time to expand your understanding of oneness. In the highest truth, you are all one soul. You are all part of the soul of the Creator. The Creator is the Central Sun or often called the Godhead.


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