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Love Can Help You See beyond Your Differences

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, these are interesting times, are they not? Indeed, the very fabric of your society seems to be falling apart at the seams, to borrow a well-known cliché. Yet borrowing this cliché has its purpose. Why?

Solar Absorption for the Lightbody

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

I’ve been studying solar rejuvenation and trying to absorb more sunlight to become more of a body of light. I know the best time to do this is when the Sun comes up and when it sets, but I’m not always in a place where I can see the Sun because of our hills and mountains.

Heed the Call from Life

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian energies. Truth is what you seek, and truth is what will be issued to you, like treats on a holiday. For many years, you have hidden from your true self.

God-Force Power Awakens the Soul of the World

The Great Wisdom
Judith K. Moore

Blessed ones, the time of the great light is on Earth. The power of creation is the force that moves the destinies of humankind. You have awakened and renewed the spirit of light in a living community of faith. You are the ones who have persevered through the darkest times and found the light.

Personal Changes Have Global Effects

Ingrid Auer

Sometimes I ask myself how it is possible that so many people in the wealthy Western world run to their therapists for every little “cold of the mind” and want to reappraise everything. Could it be possible that we take ourselves too seriously sometimes?

You Are Not Designed to See the Big Picture

Tina Spalding

Your body is a manifestation of mind. It is not a thing that creates you; rather, you have created your body. Your body comes from thought, belief, and both truth and untruth. It is the physical manifestation of all that you think you are.

Your Actions Affect All

Mother Mary
Janet Desaulniers

Good morning, my beloveds. I know it’s been a trying time for you. Many of you are feeling the negative effects of what’s happening on the planet. It’s sometimes difficult to stay out of that energy and to keep yourself in alignment with your higher selves. I understand this.

The Recessional Wave

The group
Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. You are making astounding leaps forward in consciousness. We watch with great joy and share this with you because it is our vision from Home. There are harmonies and repetitions throughout your world.

You Hold the Power to Heal

Archangel Raphael
Jill Harrison

The information herein is for educational purposes only. The content of this article should not be used to give medical advice or to prescribe any form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician.

Harmonize the Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies

Archangel Michael

The three planes of higher consciousness evolve as follows:


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