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Become Awakened Consciousness Incarnate

Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher. I flow forth to speak with you who will receive these words and to those who will not receive these words directly but will feel the vibrational frequencies flow for the purpose of uplifting the consciousness of humanity.

Celestial Winds of Change Sweep the Earth

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, as surely as you live and breathe, you are helping to create either heaven or hell on Earth. Or many of you may possibly feel that you vacillate somewhere between the two.

Welcome to the Times of Mastery

Scientist of the Heart and Merlia
Steve Rother

Scientist of the Heart: Greetings, dear ones. I come this day with good news for planet Earth. Much shifting is going on, as you’ve seen over recent months and even years. A considerable amount of energy has come together and been stored in a very small space.

We Are One; We Are Flow

The Community
Carol Sydney

Carol: I was recently contacted by a group who call themselves the Community. They are a telepathic group of beings from a quadrant in the multiverse that humanity has yet to imagine exists. They speak to me through a giant crystal array in a place unknown to me.

Free Yourself from Expectations

One Life
Catherine Weser

An expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be true in the future. This might sound helpful for achieving your goals, and some sense of what’s next is always present in your awareness.

Eyes Wide Open and Consciousness Present

The Divine
Sara Wiseman

We said that the worst is over, and this confused you. How could the worst be over when there is much “worst” still here? Yet, it is true. The reason that the worst is over is that you now have your eyes wide open. You are no longer asleep.

Differences Are Essential

The Inner Earth People
Jaap van Etten

Jaap: You will understand this channeling better if I give a short introduction.

The Quantum Instrument

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

How is your heart code the imprint for all the new technologies that will reimagine your world?

Coffee with Buddha: Every Moment Is a Gift

Master Buddha
Rae Chandran

You are the gift to yourself and the world. Life is a gift. Your body is a gift. Everything that supports you is a gift. The air you breathe is a gift. Everything in life is a gift. How do you express these gifts?

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 11: Ancient Cultures Moved Stones through Love

Visitor from the Past
Robert Shapiro

We did not have a stone quarry. We did not cut the stone ourselves. We spoke to the stones and said, “This is what we would like and need, these portions of you; would you like to participate?” This was all done in love and friendship.


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