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The Force of Genesis from Source Creation

The Wisdom of Universal Oneness
Judith K. Moore

A massive force is emerging from Source Oneness like an explosion of light in creation that is the catalyst for new dimensions of space-time. Creation is in active motion, as in the primordial genesis of the origins of All That Is.

Kahu Fred Sterling’s Legacy of Love and Healing

Karinna Nielsen

Dear Sedona Journal readers, late in the evening of November 10, 2022, Kahu Fred Sterling, the medium for Master Guide Kirael, my mentor, dear friend, and founder of Signature Cell Healing, released from his physical body to continue his guiding light from the etheric realms.

You Are Finding Home

Siria Family
Sharyl Noday

Change is the new norm. Nothing seems to be the same, but it’s all so exciting. “Where do we go from here?” you might ask. “How do we get to that place called Home?” January’s energies bring a new sense of hope.

I Am That I Am, That I Am Elohim

Cosmic Isis
Kira Raa

Beloved ones, from the temple of Cosmic Isis in the halls of the All That Has Ever Been, this is the moment of restoration, reunion, and “re-knowing.” To re-know is to renew, to be, to uplift with what is calling you more than ever before.

It’s Time to Love You

Liane Rich

Your body has served you for years and years. Have you thanked your body? Have you nurtured your body? Have you looked in the mirror and said, “I love you exactly as you are. I love you unconditionally”?

Healing Hearts

Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I come forth to speak with you, my dear lovely beings, for this month of the heart. Isn’t that what it is? During this month, so many beings reach out with love for those they care deeply about.

What if You Were a Light Influencer?

Observer and the Keeper of Time
Steve Rother

Observer: Greetings, dear ones. I join you this day in the most beautiful energy, for your light is starting to exceed its boundaries. You’re beginning to shine, and it’s magical to see from this side of the veil.

Ride the Light Wave of Evolution

Allaenea of Cosmic Service
Wendy Rowley

Greetings, dearest beings of light. This is Allaenea of Cosmic Service, the Pleiadian Mother of Sound. February has a benevolent, revolutionary, and evolutionary potential.

Create Your Heaven

The Circle of Oneness
Carlos Rubio

It is with great pleasure that we gather with you today. Your reality is not what it seems. Your physical senses provide you only with a very thin slice of the bigger pie that is your absolute reality.

Earth Is Removing Destructive Memory Patterns from Humans on Earth so that the Past and Future Can Change Benevolently

Robert Shapiro

This is Isis. Now, the issue is this: The past is causing problems in the present — the past in cultures and the past in individuals. People are getting too caught up in what happened in the past.


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