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Love Has the Power to Shift Everything

Master Imhotep
Karinna Nielsen

The guardians and masters of light for this planet are weaving with you and Mother Earth in this crucial time as you awaken to love. Love is key to navigating your way through what may feel like tumultuous times.

You Are Responsible for Living Your Purpose

Lisa Holloway

Beloved readers, it is a pleasure to speak with you once again through this channel. Please understand that time is an aspect of life on Earth and is not experienced the same way beyond the physical world.

Open to Heart Resonance

The Great Wisdom
Judith K. Moore

Within the master realms, there are nine levels of essence and form. They are the essential energies that form reality from the essence of creation.

Call on Dragon and Willow Energy

Therese Dorer

Therese: Quan Yin invites you to walk with her along a forest pathway, and you are delighted as she points out the different aspects of this magical forest.

The Amazonians: Their Origins, Culture, and Mission

The Elohim Amazonia
Donna Ferri

We greet you in the blue flame of goodwill to extol the benefits of the right use of that will. This, like all divine virtues and qualities, aligns with truth. Willingness to uphold truth then is that principle’s most necessary adjunct. Without will, who will stand for truth?

A Request for Loving Action

Adironnda and the Council of Light
Marilyn Harper

Marilyn: I was listening to a gentle messenger the other day. This man was previously a Methodist minister who has transitioned into a position as a Unity teacher.

Access Archetypal Energies to Achieve Your Goals

Agents of the Light
Raffaello Di Meglio

Can you explain the concept of collectives and give us some specific examples of how they incarnated multiple times throughout Earth’s history?

Become the Peace of God

Virginia Ellen

Virginia: When we live on the wheel of 3D karma, we return to Earth over and over. I have found a way out, which I will share with you.

Show the World That You Matter

The Circle
Carlos Rubio

Today is your gift, and right now you are the gift. The act of being here is a present you give yourself; it is a sign to the universe that you matter and care for yourself and that you plan to stick to your promise to make changes.

Share Your Light

Observer and the Keeper of Time
Steve Rother

Observer: Greetings, dear ones. I am Observer, and I join you with great pride, for your world is changing. Every moment and every breath that you take brings a new opportunity of light, a new expression. It is one that you probably haven’t seen before.


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