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The Celestial Sun of the True All-Seeing Eye

Donna Ferri

Donna: People can easily spread misguided opinions about what they don’t understand or can’t accept. When they denigrate the all-seeing eye, they miss out on more than just its meaning when they could instead explore friendship with the cosmic being who focuses the eye for our realm.

Transformation Accelerates

The Collective Soul Consciousness
Carolyn Gervais

Looking around at the conditions in the world can be very disheartening. As most realize, we have been going through an evolutionary process of extreme opposites, striving to balance and unify. As with all major transitions, the extremes of duality are very active.

Your Personal Lovefest

Adironnda and the Council of Light
Marilyn Harper

Marilyn: Here we are in February 2024. I can hardly imagine it. Time has sped up. I remember when 2024 seemed like the very distant future, and I thought it would never arrive.

Patient Preparations

The Cosmic Light Collective and the Compassionate Vocalist
Ilona Anne Hress

Ilona: Compassion is a state of being that recognizes, honors, and attends to those who struggle for the sovereignty of their souls. With violence mounting around the world, the universal archangels of love descended, carrying magenta and pink ribbons of unconditionally loving energies.

Qualities of a Master: Humility

All There Is
and Ever Shall Be
Elliott Eli Jackson

We continue to provide the information necessary to raise your vibration and fulfill your soul plan on Earth. Some among you intuitively understand that your spirit desires for you to become a master on Earth.

The Enhanced Divine Feminine and Goddess Codes

Goddess Diana and Ascended Master Kuthumi
Chanel Lingenfelder

Goddess Diana: Greetings. I present to you this day the gift of gentleness and kindness, a feminine gift extended through the current planetary frequencies.

Remind Yourself of the Love That You Are

Supreme Creator Goddess

This month, and for all the months to come, look for the reminders that you are love. You are created by love for the purpose of loving. Open your heart. Search for its divine core. Envision its purity. Cleanse it so that it sends only pure divine light.

Love Is the Most Powerful Process of Change

Archangel Metatron
Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones, I am Metatron. I say to you in this time of great unrest, of great turmoil, that there is much light at the end of this proverbial tunnel.

Illumination of Planetary DNA

Master Kuthumi
Judith K. Moore

I am Master Kuthumi.

Perfect Balance through the Five Medicines

St. Germaine
Sri Ram Kaa

Sri and Kira: As you read these short paragraphs shared from the masters, bring a hand to your chest so that your heart might receive the invitation into deeper inner resonance. Relax, breathe, and smile, and perhaps pause and reflect after each paragraph.


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