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Seek the Truth Within!

The Centre of A
Deborah Morrison

Dear ones, the truth is that you should always strive to seek outside yourselves. In your humanness, your perception can sometimes be clouded by what you want to see rather than by what is right in front of your eyes. This can sometimes happen when others share their beliefs with you.

Your Only Job in 2019

Pia Orleane

The year 2019 is upon you, and you want to know where you are and what is happening to Earth in the ascension process. You are very close to obtaining what you have been longing for. You are moving toward the possibilities of making a grand evolutionary leap for the human species.

Respond with Compassion

The guardians

Greetings, beloveds. We, the Guardians, are among many guides who work for a successful evolvement of consciousness on this lovely planet through physicality powered by free will. Our purpose is to assist and inspire you.

Choose Consciously

St. Germain
Rebecca Dawson

Do you know what the greatest problem on this planet is? The greatest problem on this planet is your concept of yourselves, because from the moment you are born, you are perceived as a problem. Your parents love you unconditionally, but there is a problem here. The baby is crying or not eating.

Portals and Projects in 2019

Spiritus Sanctus
Pam Murray

Beloved ones! What a privilege and pleasure it is to speak to you about the coming year. As you know, the veils are thinning more and more, giving you access to this side and opening opportunities for you.

You’re Invited to Live Your Full Truth

The Johns of God
Heather Kristian Strang

Now you more fully understand what All That Is has been tirelessly working for you to understand. You and your Earth plane are in great peril. What is needed now is for you to become more fully that which you truly are, throwing off your constraints and limitations.

You Are an Unimaginably Magical Human

Archangel Michael
Norma Gentile

You are not just human. You are magically human. It is not just your spiritual side that makes you immortal. It is your ability to balance within polarity, especially the polarity of human physicality, subject to mortality, and the timeless divinity of your being or spirit.

Help One Person at a Time

Universal Energies
Elizabeth Joyce

The next decade of the 2020s is around the corner. In today’s society, rarely will you hear or see many people talking, preparing, or planning for the approaching new decade. It is the mode of today’s short-attention span that few will take any time to look ahead.

Spirit Time Is Now

The Heart of the Mother
Sarah Weiss

I am the living Earth, the conscious Earth, and the Mother of Creation. As you shift into the consciousness of 2019, I will be urging your full expression as a fifth-dimensional being. The time is now. It is spirit time.

The Times, They Are (Still) a-Changin’!

The Lion People
Ellyn Dye

Are you suffering from change fatigue? It is a sign of the times. Many now find themselves yearning for life to return to the way it was, to go back to normal. In the past, one yearned for the good old days, but that idea — just as the idea of returning to normal — is a fallacy.


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