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Bio-Conscious Ascended Living

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

I’ve just had another major awakening. Can you please review how ascended living manifests?

Permanently Live in Higher Frequencial Energy

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

It is with great joy that we connect with you once again. We have much to share with you. In coming times, you will soon experience great change. This is coming not only to you separately but to all humanity that resides on planet Earth.

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 2: Life on the Moon

Doc (a Human from a Moon-Mining Base)
Robert Shapiro

All right, well, we will resume. What would you like to talk about today?
Okay, what year were you born in this life?

Is that important?
Sure, I want to know when you went to the Moon.

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 1: Mining on the Moon

Robert Shapiro

Some people on Earth are striving to do something that has been the subject of science fiction for years: create a community on the Moon. People are working on it now in my time.

A New Version of Earth Is Coming to a Sky Near You

St. Peter
Robert Shapiro

There are events that will be unfolding in this new year of the Gregorian calendar. These events will encompass things you will see, and you don’t have to have special abilities to see them.

A Redoing of the Civil War

John Adams
Robert Shapiro

I would like to talk for a short time about the United States.


Create a New Vision of Unity

Archangel Gabriel
Ron Baker

Dearly beloved children of light, as you know, we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are most joyous to be in your divine presence. You will take all that you have learned from a year of shakeups in 2017 and a year of reckoning in 2018 and use those clues to shape a new vision.

The Answers Are Found in the Silence

Denise Bennett, PhD

Angels, please clarify what you want to do in this Q & A. We have so many problems. Can you help us?

2020 Is a Game-Changer

The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

Are you here as a volunteer? Did you become trapped in the matrix after the fall of Atlantis, Lemuria, or Venus? Are you a founder of Egypt, Mesopotamia, or Sumer? Were you the first human prototype to walk across the Serengeti?

Commit to the Highest Good

Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings
Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, I feel the love and light moving through your beings as you grow more committed to becoming clear conduits of the Divine.


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