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The Elven Help You and Mother Earth

Master Guide Kirael
Karinna Nielsen

It’s been several years since I’ve spoken about the elven and their participation with you in the great shift in consciousness. These ancient multidimensional beings of love and light are still with you.

The Essence of Unification, Part 1

The Ascended Masters
Kira Raa

This is the moment we invite a deeper dive into the divine mastery journey of the essence of unification. In the beginning was a singular moment of experience, and in that moment, expansion illuminated a sense of self that emerged from the nonemergent.

Lay Down Your Fears and Learn to Trust

Liane Rich

Fear is your biggest block to being free of judgment. You fear almost everything. You have become so cautious that you no longer use free will to your best advantage. Many of you just want to control and conquer, and you no longer seek love even in your relationships.

Reside in Truth

Miriandra Rota

Greetings. You are among those who have dedicated yourselves to truth, love, and light. Such dedication uplifts the entirety of humanity, a necessary participation during these times of transformation.

Dare to Enter the Portal

Scientist of the Heart and Merlia
Steve Rother

Scientist of the Heart: Greetings, dear one. I join you with such pride this day, for you have reached a milestone in your history (which you might not see for a few years, since that’s typically how humans work).

New Grids Aid Enlightenment

Wendy Rowley

Every year in June, energy comes into the universe and starts a new cycle on Earth.

Love Is the Only Rule

The Circle of Oneness
Carlos Rubio

The energy field of the universe encompasses all creation. It is a sea of energetic patterns. Different dimensions and levels of consciousness manifest depending on the frequency of vibration. At a certain level, this energy turns into matter and the physical worlds.

The Dangers of 5G and What You Can Do About It

Robert Shapiro

As you look into our hearts, the hearts of the people on Earth, what do you see now? Do you see an opening in consciousness and awareness? Do you see/feel that we’re making progress?

Remember Your Mastery

Sanat Kumara
Maureen St. Germain

This is a new year. We know it is not a physical new year in the way you keep your calendar, but it is a new year for you. Think of the things you do for yourself in a new year: make resolutions, rejuvenate useful practices, return to good habits.

The Crystalline Universe

Jaap van Etten

The Founders knew that Earth was a crystalline being with consciousness and that this was also true for all planets, suns, moons, and asteroids. They would have agreed that we live in a crystalline universe. Clearly, they were also connected with the crystalline energies of Earth.


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