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The Advanced Mystical Laws of Abundant Supply


Tell us about loss and compensation.
In believing in the illusion of loss, we also have to believe in the illusion of compensation. In harboring these illusions, we manifest the following:

Celebrate Your Inner Truth

Celestial White Beings
Natalie Glasson

Greetings, magnificent beings of light. We love you deeply. We are one with you, and we walk your path with you. We wish to celebrate your truth and encourage you to celebrate the sacred love, peace, and light within you.

Choose Your Window of Time

Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. We’re here. You beings on your planet now are having this experience we call windows of time. In your computer world, you have an application called Windows. Your news media plays these scenes for you, and you click on the item to read it.

Geometric Codes in the Human Body

Master Kundala
Rae Chandran

Blessings to all. I wish to bring some understanding on the new realities unfolding on the planet and how to open up to some new realities. Humanity is slowly shifting from a chakra-based focus to geometries and sacred codes.

The Sky Is Not Falling

Archangel Metatron
James Tyberonn

Earth is upshifting. It is remaking itself by reforming its elements, kingdoms, and directional aspects. The planet you call home is repositioning itself in response to a divine purpose and calling. That purpose is the ascension of humanity.

Spiritual Neutrality Assists Ascension

The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

Being disinterested in the mundane routines of daily life or feeling separated from the people and the events going on around you is normal in this climate of change.

The Springboard Effect of Time Travel

Tcheclk a Zeta Reticulan
Robert Shapiro

There is more to say about the contacts that have begun in earnest now on your planet. Some beings that are making contact have a focal point that is not actually on the physical planet but on a higher dimensional aspect of the space the planet occupies.

You Will Experience Another World

Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis.

Things Will Work Out

Robert Shapiro

In an awakened state, the human race on Earth will be something special. Keep in mind that you will have resolved a great many problems in the universe as a result of your Explorer Race epic here.

Celebrate the Rising Feminine

Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am Merlia. I am overjoyed to join you this day. Watching your game on planet Earth changing every moment is such a beautiful sight from here.


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