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Beware the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Mahatma Gandhi
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, you are being called to bring forth the greatest and most powerful light in the universe through your being and actions in the world.

The Details Are in the Probabilities

Gaia and Guardian Angel Theo
Tom T. Moore

I learned the hard way through the years that there are probabilities for each event that takes place on Earth. The further out we reach with predictions, the more probable outcomes there are — hundreds, perhaps thousands.

People Have Had Enough

The Combined Council of Divine Light
Karen Brown

We are the Combined Council of Divine Light. There are many of us working together to help those on Earth who are ready to ascend. Not everyone wants to raise their awareness and frequency. Many want to stay in the low, dense energy, and they are free to choose that if they wish.

Your Spiritual and Sexual Self

The Watchers
Helenita Ziegler

Now is the time to discover your roots. You have moved in that direction with the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. How you came to understand your physical, mental, and emotional bodies are self-explanatory. You even have little smiley faces, emoticons, to express your emotions.

Communicate the Truth

The Peacemakers in Spirit
Robin Baldock

In this post-truth world of yours, people with loud voices in positions of authority can say whatever they like and claim it to be fact without giving any evidence whatsoever to back it up. Innocent people can be slandered by hearsay without the opportunity to defend themselves.

Your New Crystalline Energy System

The Galactic Council of Lightbeings
gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Lightbeings. We come from many places in the universe to work with life in different planetary systems. We appreciate this chance to commune, for as you read these words, we are energetically connected. We have much information to exchange with you.

Let Yourself Believe You Are Magic

The Divine
Sara Wiseman

The understanding that the universe is speaking to you at all times and in all ways returns to you slowly. It arrives over time and with the expansion of your consciousness and practice.

Be Still, and Listen

The Pegasians
Ray Dawn

Be still, and listen to the beat of your heart to know you are God. Hello to you. We greet you in the kindest of ways. We meet you in the heart center, and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words.

Choose to Be Optimistic

St. Germain
Molly Rowland

As 2018 ends, we bring you a preview of coming attractions for the new year. There will be more revelations in the political scene, in Hollywood, and for the world population in general.

A Year of Reckoning

Archangel Gabriel
Ron Baker

Dear children of light, as you know we are called Gabriel, and as always, we are overjoyed to be in your divine presence. We have come to share with you about 2019, what we are calling a year of reckoning.


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