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Celebrate Unified Consciousness

Archangel Zadkiel
Sri Ram Kaa

There is a beloved master within each being, and it is a momentous occasion when you come forward to celebrate the recognition of unified consciousness. This energy is arriving through the stream of a heart ignited with ascended awakening, ascended opening, and divine presence.

You Create the Circumstances Needed for Growth

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

Throughout my life, I’ve had wondrous experiences that have lasted from a few seconds to three-and-a-half days. I call them my “real” life experiences. Since you talk about dimensions, maybe I have to look at it as if I’ve lived those moments in another dimension.

Grasp Your Opportunity for Fulfillment

David Reid Lowell

As I said in my previous channeling [see the September issue], I have retired, retracted from the oddities of social media, emails, and almost all other technology. I have one small laptop I use for writing and journaling.

You’re Being Prepared to Hear the Voice of Power

Arthur Fanning

We are here. Peace to all beings, mercy. The secret of your success is becoming the calm within the storm. You’ll need to learn how to calm the seas before you. And that’s a phrase relating to emotional energies you’ll run into.

Tune in to Your Luminous, Limitless Light

Marta Ulbricht

We are each a strand of an incomprehensibly large and ever-expanding web that is growing in all directions in directionless space.

Potential versus Prediction

Serapis Bey
Rebecca Dawson

You are experiencing the beginning of freedom. You are like the pip being squeezed from an orange: You start to feel the pressure, but you also know that as soon as you are shot out, you will find a place to land.

Connect with Your Original Self

Beloved Malachi
Barbara “Marianna” Zimmermann

Can you assist me in unsealing the gateway to my memory bank so that I can remember who I was before my third-dimensional experience?

The Orcas’ Song of Grief

J-Pod Orcas
Chiara Marrapodi

Chiara: When I ask to connect with J-Pod via the ethers, the orcas ask me to lower myself into the water from which they come. I do not have to endure the water’s coldness, as my body is suspended in a different type of liquid that allows me to be submerged for long periods.

All Are One

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Most of you are aware of the mama orca that carried her deceased baby for seventeen days, nearly starving herself to death. She finally let go, thankfully. But can a mother ever really let go?

Use Your Talents to Effect Loving Change

Mahatma Gandhi and Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

Beloved children of God, I spent many years during my life in meditation and doing tasks and activities in meditative ways.


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