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Finding Home in the Oneness of All

Expanded Consciousness
Miriandra Rota

Greetings, beloved beings! Greetings to you. We would begin the expression of our love for you in this manner:

Ascension Seats: Access the Wisdom of the Cosmos

Reverend Michelle Coutant

Dearly beloveds, I am Helios, the solar logos of your solar system. I greet you with great love and joy in this opportunity to communicate with you through this dear soul.

Ascension: The Part You Play

The Beloved
Kenton David Bell

Good afternoon. We are the Beloved and, my dear ones, so are you. Here we are today, together again, here at this time of great change and remembrance on this planet. Some of you coined the term "ascension" to describe the time that is now occurring.

Cultivate Living as Formless, Expansive Energy

Meredith Murphy

Beloved child of light, you struggle and it moves us. We see your devotion and your desire to be of service, to fulfill your purpose, your function, and your destiny, and we are here to encourage you to know that all is well within the plan for your own life in this now moment on Earth!

Sacred Union on 10-10-10

Lynette Leckie-Clark

It is I, Kuthumi, who greets you at this wondrous time on Earth. October is a month of great celebration, a time long awaited and prepared for. In the eclipses of June and July you began the preparation with great intent. Those who were sleeping were awakened.

Three Secrets of Gold

John Oliver

The secrets of gold cannot be separated from life, just as life cannot be separated from all of existence and all that is God consciousness. The moment that gold is attributed to a special category, you will then believe you need to do special things to obtain it.

Bringing Kindness Into the World

The Council of 12

It is nearly time for the Equinox and another season of change. These are excellent moments to reflect on what has changed recently and to set your intention for the changes you want to create in the next cycle.

Ten Principles for the Evolving Soul

Kahu Fred Sterling

I brought the ten principles of consciously creating to this planet about twenty years ago, because the great shift in consciousness was happening and these principles will make your entry into the next dimension of light easier.

You Are in the Portal of a New Epoch

Archangel Michael
Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, the stage is set and the curtain is about to rise on the new dawn of tomorrow.

Finding Balance and Contentment during Times of Change

Archangel Raphael with St. Germaine
Athene Raefiel

Archangel Raphael has been a major teacher and influence to me in this incarnation for over twenty years. He works with all of humanity who need and call on him, and he is the keeper and healer of the emerald flame and emerald ray.


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