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The 24th Pair of Chromosomes Awakens

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Is it possible to change your DNA? Or perhaps we should ask: Is your DNA changing on its own? We have examined this idea before, and we told you the answer is yes, but it’s not in the way you might think.

Love Will Take Over the Planet

Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother, and I am your mother. I have carried you in my womb from the time you volunteered as souls to separate from All That Is and incarnate to gain information and enrich everyone — me, Abba, the Creator, All That Is, as well as all of creation. This one [Dr.

Sumari Healing

The Teachers
Carol Long

How do we heal you, your body, and your life? We do it through intuition, a one-way feed of healing. First, we heal emotions, and then we heal situations. Every second of every day, we send you waves of energy that include healing energy and Sumari intelligence.

Connect with the Sun

The Mayan Crystal Skull
Douglas Davis

To those who can truly see, I shine like the Sun. I am a sun — a representative of Ra (the Sun). My purpose is to connect you with the Sun’s properties and higher consciousness and help you communicate with the Sun and all other cosmic bodies.

For Every Disease, There Is a Cure

Agents of the Light
Raffaello Di Meglio

The agents who come forward today are Phoebe, Tethys, and Rhea. Phoebe is the seer and visionary within our group of three sisters. Tethys is known as the Great Nurse and the Mother because of her attentiveness to humans and all who are in spirit, whether mortal or immortal.

The Divine Heart

I Am Presence
Sabrina Di Nitto

The center of the cosmos holds a powerful force of pastel light, giving life to everything in existence. Through its breath, this divine heart connects with every cosmos in all existence.

Spirit Guides to Discover

Red Eagle
Therese Dorer

Therese: Over the years, it has been my delight and honor to bring through hundreds of spirit guides for clients who trust me to connect for them. I have been amazed and delighted at the wisdom that pours forth. Recently, I’d been musing about spiritual connections and how our guides support us.

The Law of Truth

Virginia Ellen

Yeshua: Become the substance of sacred energy. Become the electrical frequency of light, the illuminated one. Let yourself be filled with the vibration of your love and light.

Why Am I Here?

Angel Raphael
Adria Estribou

At times, you feel an almost desperate need to know why you are here and what you’re doing on this plane.

Summersol Ascension: Celebrate Earth’s Union with Heaven

Helios and Vesta
Donna Ferri

Helios: Greetings from the blazing corona of the spiritual sun. Vesta and I come as messengers of alpha and omega in the Central Sun of this galaxy to welcome summersol.


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