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Ask for Divine Solutions

Sanat Kumara
Maureen St. Germain

We are with you, dear ones. Know that there is great light at the end of the tunnel you are in. We ask you to pray daily about whatever difficulty you encounter or see on television, on the internet, or in the streets. Ask for divine solutions. Do not presume you know the solutions.

Be One with All

The Community
Carol Sydney

Greetings again, fellow travelers. Arise from the murky depths of the third dimension and join us in beauty and harmony with life. There is joy to be felt in our sharing, multiplied by the bliss we send for you to receive. We offer glimpses of how you appear to us.

The Role of Crystalline Energies in Earth and Human Evolution

The Crystalline Council
Jaap van Etten

We are the Crystalline Council. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share with you. We have played a role in the development of human consciousness on Earth from the beginning. We define “the beginning” as the time that you call the First World.

New Matter Is Changing Outcomes

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

How do the new DNA master codes change outcomes in our world?

Resistance Is Not Futile

One Life
Catherine Weser

Several months into the pandemic experience, and like the Borg from the Star Trek television series, the virus carries on as if “resistance is futile.” (If you’re not familiar with the Borg, it is a collective that announces the following when it encounters a

Coffee with Buddha: Develop Confidence

Master Buddha
Rae Chandran

In the many moments we experience through our days and nights, our consciousness shifts. This is related on a subconscious level to our confidence. When we hear the word “confidence,” we relate to it on a mental level.

Phone Calls from the Future — Chapter 12: Ancient People Rescued from Their Home Planet Share Stone-Working Techniques near Cusco, Peru

An Ancient Visitor
Robert Shapiro

On our home planet where we resided in the past, we did not have much surface to live on. The planet mostly consisted of fluids. There were some stone outcroppings, covering no more than twenty-four or thirty square miles of surface over the entire planet.

Mourn the Shadow Self

Cathy Chapman

Good morning to you, beloved ones. It is a joy to be here with you in this way. You might be familiar with my words, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” [Matthew 5:4, NIV]. There are several things I wish to say about mourning: It is about releasing and letting go.

New Information for Old Souls

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Adironnda [who just channeled before Kryon] spoke so wisely about the identical things we teach: Channeling should have a coherence between channelers, since they channel within the same energy field.

How to Stay Calm in These Chaotic Times

Angels and Yeshua
Denise Bennett, PhD

Angels, we are concerned about this flu, the riots, and our upcoming election. Businesses, schools, and beaches are closed. There is civil unrest relating to law enforcement, and we struggle with political divisiveness. What can we do?


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