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Step Beyond Old Boundaries

The Crystalline Being Collective
Kear Kardell

We step forward at this time to welcome you on your new path. Let go of what you thought you were, and allow all you truly are to come alive inside you. Step beyond your conceived boundaries, and walk into the dawn of a new day with us.

Rekindle the Flame of Mercy

Kuan Yin
David Christopher Lewis

In the morning light, I come bearing a lotus flame in my hands. You cup your hands, and a lotus appears there with your personal flame. It is the flame of perfect mercy

The Grace of Creation

Ascended Master Kuthumi and Celestial Companions
Chanel Lingenfelder

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and to gift you with a divine blessing of grace.

Build Bridges and Find the Good

David Reid Lowell

Recently, we, Michel, have been speaking in very clear ways as if warning off a coming time we all need to be wary of.

Create with Your Loving Heart

Supreme Creator Goddess

Home is where the heart is. This statement is truth. You can find Home, that great spirit in the sky, when you connect deeply to your heart. Open it petal by petal like a great white rose of love, and rest there a moment.

Thought and Telepathy

Juliano and the Arcturians
David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. You are a bio-electromagnetic being possessing unique features such as sensitivity to thought forms, or telepathy.

Cosmic Gnosis Permeates Reality

Master Kuthumi
Judith K. Moore

There is an archetypal power in the manifestation of the cycles of time. A confluence of the powers of creation flows from the cosmic gnosis, the wisdom of all wisdom, illuminating the multidimensional reality with the cosmic codes of consciousness.

Go Beyond What You Know

Master Guide Imhotep
Karinna Nielsen

In the rising energy of the collective consciousness on Earth, remember the power of thought to manifest your chosen reality and affect the collective energy on Earth.

The 50,000-Year Eternal-Life Experience

St. Germaine
Kira Raa

Welcome, beloved one. The moment of the grand adaptation to your divine eternal nature in form has arrived and carries with it the gift of the eternal presence of the energy of the number 5.

Live and Let Live, Because You Are All One

Liane Rich

Once you see yourself as a being of love and light, you will have an idea how great and wonderful you truly are. You spend a great deal of time putting yourself down and criticizing your choices and responses to life. You are beat up from the inside out due to self-criticism and self-judgment.


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