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The Great Divide

Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

Perception is everything. How you perceive information is a direct result of your scripted programming — the balance of your experiences etched into your mental and emotional bodies, which are often complicated by stubborn karmic vibrations that linger from previous lifetimes

Your Acts of Service Shift Earth and the Cosmos

Shockara Starbeings
Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde
Mahatma Gandhi
and Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

Shockara Starbeings: Beloved Earth being, we see that your excellent work with your sisters, brothers, and all sentient beings in service to positive forces and to the cosmos are paying off and making a magnificent difference.

You Are Who You Choose to Be

Angels of Truth
Thelma Bodnar

Thelma: The wonders of Earth are all around. Seldom do we experience her beauty and fury or notice the changing landscape unless we are tossed by storms, hurricanes, or tornadoes. The heat on Earth intensifies, and we seek shelter indoors to protect ourselves.

New Tools for the Shift: Drop Karma

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. This is the beginning of a teaching series of four channelings that are also available as free audios [ freeaudio].

Live Your Life through Your Soul

Master Kuthumi
Rae Chandran

Beloved brothers and sisters, it is I, Master Kuthumi. Greetings. Today, I would like to talk about the mind. The human mind is a fascinating instrument. It was designed to be a tool used in creating an experience, and that is all, but it has become the master. How did it come to this?

Allow Your Pain to Transform You

Mother Mary
Cathy Chapman

May I call you my children? I am not your mother in the same way Amma is your mother, as Amma is also my mother. I’m not even a great-grandmother to you, but I am here and have accepted the role of mother in a physical sense for multitudes of lifetimes.

The Christ of You, Part 2

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved ones, you have felt the Holy Spirit of you. You walk with it. You brought it in when you came in. It goes with you everywhere. The word “whole” was shortened through the ages to “holy,” meaning sacred, which of course it is.

Be Open to Everything

Star Dancer at Seneca Lake
Douglas Davis

I am Star Dancer. In the old days, Seneca Lake was exceptionally quiet. All you could hear was the lapping of the waters and the occasional rustling of leaves.

Use Artificial Intelligence Wisely

Agents of the Light and Mnemosyne
Raffaello Di Meglio

There has been a lot of talk about the benefits and drawbacks of artificial intelligence. What can the agents tell us about the interaction of AI with humans in the future?

Embrace Your Distinct Path


Life isn’t a random coincidence; it’s filled with purpose. Hardships are like the fires that forge steel. They make us stronger and more resilient. During our toughest moments, we prove our mettle and rise to greatness.


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