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Practice the Art of Nothingness

Jill Harrison

While visiting Japan for my Metatronic Spiritual School Tour, on my day off from teaching and meeting with clients for private sessions, I had decided to spend the morning at a little café tucked away from the noise and bustle of Tokyo’s main streets.

Live Every Moment in the Most Life-Enhancing Way


This is a rare personal interview with one of the most extraordinary way-showers and mystics of our time. We asked our beloved Almine some behind-the-scenes questions about her life and work.

You Share Memories with Your Soul Family

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, as the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the elixir of life throughout the omniverse, it affects all creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time.

Make Room to Create Opportunity

Kuan Yin and the ETs of Light
Maureen St. Germain

You are beacons of love and light. Your connections with your divine selves are real. Ask for this connection to be available to you more often. Do not give up when you ask once and get no response. This is so that we know you are sincere and so that you know your petitions made the difference.

Find Your New Balance

Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. Welcome. Today I, Merlia, greet you to help you change during some of these massive shifts on your planet. You are carrying an energy that has never before been seen on this planet.

Assist Each Other Unconditionally

The Scientist of the Heart
Steve Rother

Greetings, dear ones. I am the Scientist of the Heart. I am happy to join you today. Humanity is in the midst of a major transition. You might not know that you are experts in the transition you are moving through. Most of you have experienced this before.

Human Connection with Whales and Dolphins

The Founders
Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first souls that came to Earth. We would like to share with you information about beings who, like you, have chosen to come to Earth to support the process of ascension of the Gaia system.

Peace Accepts the Opposites of Life

Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, yet I consist of many entities that compose a greater whole. In this, there is much mystery for those who are earthbound and only see the world through the physical senses.

Revelations and Accountability

Maggie Wahls

Maggie: As a traditional shaman walking the path of my shaman ancestors for over sixty years, I have seen people change their minds from biases and prejudices to compassion and loving kindness many times in my lifetime.

Your Soul Is of the Light of Creation

Mother of Creation
Judith K. Moore

I am the Mother of Creation, the Mother of Life, who has been called Mary. I birthed your soul into the light from my womb of love, and you became oneness.


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