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Create What You Desire with Sacred Creation

Archangel Michael and the Beings of Light
Norma Gentile

Norma (with Archangel Michael): Part of real life is things appearing to get in the way of our desires or intentions. Unless we are in a retreat setting, how often do we have a whole day to sit in meditation? Jobs, friends, errands, and caring for children or parents are constants in life.

Release the Past to Embrace the Future

The Collective Consciousness
Carolyn Gervais

The new year is symbolic of rebirth. Each incarnated life, cocreated with free will, experiences continuous rebirths throughout its many manifestations on Earth.

The Shower of Awakening

The Arcturians
Natalie Glasson

We, the Arcturians, extend to you greetings and love now. We come forth with our light source, wisdom, and energy from Arcturus. We are an expression of the Creator and wish to be of service to you in your reality and ascension in this moment.

A New Beginning for a New World

Adironnda and the Council of Light
Marilyn Harper

Marilyn: With all the world’s challenges, it feels as though this is a new year, a new time, a new frequency, and a new world. As I write this, the war between Russia and Ukraine has escalated, and the war between Israel and Palestine is extremely volatile.

Your Consciousness Paints Your Reality

Master Hilarion
Lisa Holloway

Beloved one, the answers you seek outside yourself can often be found deep within. The universe/All That Is speaks to you in every waking moment on Earth. You are all beloved students, teachers, explorers, excavators, wanderers, and seekers.

Awaken the Universal Template of Fulfillment

Christ Michael
Lord Melchizedek
the Cosmic Collective
and the Twelve Ascension Energies
Ilona Anne Hress

Christ Michael: I come to address the topic of fearlessness, which is so necessary to the evolution of your race. I have walked on this planet and been affected by experiences of profound fear, and I understand the disempowering effects fear has on your evolutionary development.

Technology and Oneness

Ascended Master Kuthumi
Chanel Lingenfelder

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward on the rays of love and wisdom to greet you and gift you with a divine blessing of love. Beloved ones, humanity is facing one of the greatest challenges of wakening consciousness ever experienced.

Love, Light, and Joy Are the Same Word

Supreme Creator Goddess

The wholeness of the universe is contained in these three words: “love,” “light,” and “joy.” The universe is made of love. It spreads it through light and creates joy in the overwhelming feelings of belonging and oneness.

Induce Fifth-Dimensional Energy for Healing

Juliano and Helio-ah
David K. Miller

Juliano: Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Our Arcturian mission in working with you has two aspects: planetary healing and personal healing, which includes preparing you for ascension.

You Are at the Forefront of Change

Archangel Metatron
Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Metatron. I hold you all in the life force, profound love, and immensity of healing of our Creator Force. These are all here for you now and filter into your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body systems.


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