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Humanity Will Decide Its Fate

The Committee
Laura Scott

Dear ones, we of the Committee bring you infinite love, support, and encouragement from beyond the Pleiades. We are most happy to assist during these important earthly times, for your world is at a pivotal juncture. The power in each present moment is most precious and vital.

Physical Transformation Has Begun

Speaks of Many Truths
Robert Shapiro

We have to do the predictions issue for the journal. Can you speak to that in any way at all? How are the changes on Earth coming? How can we accommodate them? Things like that

Moving Beyond Division

The Lords of Time
Maureen St. Germain

The months of November and December will be filled with great change and disruption of many kinds. With every disruption comes an opportunity to find a way to work around it.

Vision Potentials for 2023 and Beyond

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Masters of metaphysics and bio-essence love, you have changed your world. The cosmos knows itself through its creations.

You Are the Guides and the Guardians

The Pleiadians
Anara WhiteBear

We see you for who you are. We see you in the continuation of Source and love. We see you in your confusion and in your understanding. Do you see yourselves? Do you see yourselves as we see you — as strong and powerful and courageous — or do you see yourselves as victims?

A Year of Surprising Ease

Sara Wiseman

Yes, this is a time of hope. We’ve reached a turning point due to the efforts of all souls on Gaia. The collective has experienced the extreme discomfort of accelerated awakening. In 2023, what lies before you is much better than what you expected.

You Will Decide How Change Comes to Pass in 2023

Nakia the Rainbow Serpent
Maria Yraceburu

To many, it may seem that change in your world will never occur. You have lost many loved ones and friends. Leaders have proven to be diabolical, and there is no sign of peace anywhere in the evening news.

Access and Activate Your Cosmic DNA

Kenton David Bell

We are Telos. We are one, and we are many. We come to you through the Great Central Sun. We come here at this time to be of service and guide you, and we celebrate the magnificent shift you. This shift is like no other transition in the history of humanity.

Allow Your Cosmic Connection to Unfold

Shockara Starbeings and Mother of Light
Blue Turtle

Shockara Starbeings: Beloved Earth beings, it is a remarkable time to be part of our ongoing spiritual development and growth as sacred children and instruments of the divine cosmos.

Change Is Inevitable

Guardians of the Passion
Thelma Bodnar

Greetings to all of you as you are traveling these earthly plains, these rocky roads, these highways and byways. We walk and ride with you each measurement of mile and milestone.


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