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The Gift of the Medicine Bundle

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is of a vast prairie landscape in big sky country. The grass is tall and swaying in the wind, and the sun is just rising over the land. Striding toward us is a tall vision of white light that shape-shifts into White Buffalo Calf Woman.

A Time of Unfolding Love

Angel Raphael
Adria Estribou

As a planetary response, the time for love unfolding has arrived. There have been many, many stages of growth for humanity here. So each of you might have felt the past year or three have been very intense — as if tempering your steel in fire and ice.

Unlock the Power of Forgiveness


To forgive or not to forgive — what is the point of carrying huge emotional weights on our shoulders for things we have done or things done to us? We need to learn to let go and forgive for a better present and future. Forgiveness is the key to good health and inner peace.

Meditation on the Love Star

Angel Victory
Donna Ferri

The being called Victory is one of humanity’s oldest friends. He hails from Venus, a realm also known as the Love Star. Its celestial rays send the energies of love, beauty, and grace to Earth, and you can consciously help to reestablish these energies through your heart.

Finding a Way through Fear

The Collective Soul Consciousness
Carolyn Gervais

Fear is an irritant that grabs your attention. It is a necessary annoyance or pain that alerts you to possible emotional, mental, or physical harm. If not addressed, fear will gnaw at you and deplete your energy over time.

Heal with Soul Retrieval

The Andromedans
Natalie Glasson

Greetings, beloved beings of light. We are the Andromedans, and we come forth with our light, wisdom, and love to serve you. We wish to aid you in your ascension now to empower your being, bring power and strength to your spiritual abilities, and awaken the truth within your being.

The Joy Makers’ Stone Kit

Joy Makers
Ilona Anne Hress

Ilona: Eleven minerals have committed to removing the obstacles and inhibitions that prevent you from experiencing joy. They passionately support your well-being by clearing the way for your fulfillment.

Awaken to the Transformative Cycles of Life

Universal Energies
Nansea Lee

All of you are souls having a physical experience, and you have chosen to be here in these tumultuous and exhilarating cycles on Earth. There have been transformative cycles with Mother Earth and humanity since the beginning of time.

Permission for Integration

Ascended Master Kuthumi and the Celestial Companions
Chanel Lingenfelder

I am Kuthumi, and I come forward on the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and gift you a divine blessing of integration. Beloved ones, integration is such an incredible and amazing part of your consciousness.

Advance Your Enlightenment

David Reid Lowell

Your thoughts — how you think of yourself and others — sculpt the life you lead, not unlike the chisel held by inspired hands that reshape a block of cold marble into a form that echoes the warmth of life. You make real the unrealized within you.


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