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Message from Mission Control

the Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

In sacred geometry, ascension is depicted as a triangle. You descend from the apex (Source) into the 3D experience along the alpha line. You cross horizontally at the base as you cycle in your soul’s growth toward maturity, and you prepare to ascend toward Source on the omega line.

Marvel at Your Soul’s Journey

The Pleiadians
Sylvia Bucek

Love for the natural world opens your heart to the inner kingdom that permeates all life and informs your mind, waking you to a picture grander than you ever dreamed. Marvel at the grandeur of it all. Gaze in wonder at the glory of dreaming and waking.

Hope Is More Than Faith

Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Hope can change everything within a Human Being, especially within a Human Being who has no hope. Our definition of “hope” is likely quite different from yours, and these six attributes — especially the first — might startle you.

Codes Aid a Baby’s Soul Growth

Master Thoth
Rae Chandran

The soul chooses its parents and grandparents about three years before birth. This might not make logical sense, as the parents might not have even met yet, but the soul is only interested in having experiences to enrich its wisdom and growth.


Cathy Chapman

This is Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. A blessed and wonderful day to you. Let’s talk about rest. As you might know, this one I speak through has completed a time of much-needed rest.

The Black Lightbeings Help to Evolve the Causal Body

The Black Lightbeings and the Cosmic Council
Pat Crosby

Pat: These cosmic intelligences, the black lightbeings, specialize in clearing, formatting, and upgrading the causal body. They are newly reactivated on this planet to help fast-forward the shift for those who are ready to transform and transmute

Humanity’s Effect on Ocean Mammals

The Guardians of the Sea
Raffaello Di Meglio

A number of Agents of the Light have connections to the seas. The first to address this question is Thalassa. She represents the reflective surface of the seas, and she has a heartfelt interest in the preservation of the mammals and other species who reside within them.

Plant Seeds of Intention

White Buffalo Calf Woman
Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is of a huge cottonwood tree standing strong and tall, reaching for the sky. White Buffalo Calf Woman stands beside the tree, holding her hands out to all who read these words.

Old Structures Are Leaving

Angel Ariel and Angel Raphael
Adria Estribou

Angel Ariel: Great change is afoot. We have, let us say, walked through many doorways into the New Earth as you experiment with your new gifts and the fluidity of these times. Some bridges are being taken away.

Use Intuition for Self-Mastery and Healing

Mother Mary
Donna Ferri

Donna: Mary, a teacher of divine sight and hearing, advocates for the kind of intuition that keeps our feet firmly planted and our hearts attuned.


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