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A Simple Solution

Cristi Jenkins

Always be true to your heart, and nurture your authentic self. Listen deeply within to the voice that tells you that you are loved without condition. Take the time to feel it and to be the breath of this forever love.

Embrace Being Part of Change

The Center of A
Debbie Anderson

Compassionate souls are the source of all being, and although some might doubt it, we need to remind you that it is good to be alive right now. You humans are continually changing and rethreading in other ways, and this is partly what we mean.

You Can Love Anyway

The Goddess of Liberty
Maureen St. Germain

Dear ones, a student in my class had a sadness she could not release. The Record Keepers (through me) led a guided meditation to help. They ask that you think of a problem that you are having difficulty releasing.

Surrender to the Dance

Elemental Beings
Douglas Davis

The Elemental Beings now wish to be brought to your attention in the work you do. We are ecstatic. We are wind, rain, sun, water, air, fire, and all beings of the earthly realms, including rock and crystal.

Rise and Shine

Mother Mary
Janet Desaulniers

Good morning, dear ones. I’m so glad to be here with you. All is well. Feel good that all is well. Every positive thought and every positive feeling that you participate in is making a difference. It is adding up.

Spiritual Nourishment in Times of Transition

Gilly Wilmot

Greetings. The present turbulence, imbalance, and general upheaval that besets this planet and its populations — whatever race or creed — are extremely challenging, and particularly so for the very deep emotional needs of human beings.

Your Purpose in Life

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, let’s talk about your purpose in this lifetime. It is not by accident that you have chosen this incarnation. It is not by accident that you find a lot of things in upheaval. It is not by accident that you have come to till the soil of ones who want to awaken but do not know how.

Practical Applications for Living Mastery


Can you explain what you mean by the term “living the life of a master”?

Human Consciousness in Your Reality

The Founders
Jaap van Etten

My ongoing research on the grids and energy places of the Founders near Sedona, Arizona, has deepened my connection and relationship with them. Initially, they supported my research. They did not tell me what to do or where to go.

Your Light Shines More Brightly Every Moment

Higher Self
Carolyn Gervais

You all have free will to cocreate individually or with one another, bringing an endless variety of wonderful and beautiful manifestations to Earth. Then there is the opposite side of humanity that cocreates with the anger and hate that comes from fear, manifesting ugliness and suffering.


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