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You Have the Choice to Change Your Consciousness

Mary Magdalene
Mercedes Kirkel

Hello, beloved. This is Mary Magdalene. Thank you for calling on me, as I am happy to be of service in whatever way I can. I have heard you would like me to address the question of predictions for the future, so I shall.

Create Harmony One Mindful Decision at a Time

Norma a Pleiadian
Jenine Beecher

We are in for an intense 2019! The year will deliver challenges that test our knowledge of ourselves, our freedom of expression, and our boundaries.

Nurture the Heart’s Understanding

Lady Portia and Count St. Germain
Star Hinman

The energies of the 2018 triple eclipse sequence (July 12, July 27, and August 11) will strongly influence 2019. The rate of change is speeding up! Lady Portia and Count St.

Your New Life on Earth

The Council of Transition
Takeli Mmagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Mufa. I speak for the Council of Transition to bring forth predictions for the coming year. It is in our love that we share some potentials for the times to come.

Bioascendant Contact with Star Families 2019–2021

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Quantum creational biomasters, you are now setting the pace (through a template of direct experience) for inner and outer contact. You do this by creating through your superconsciousness gifts, or trans-soma essences, and this is why you are here at this time.

Raise Your Frequency through the Experiences You Choose

Omnidimensional Beings
Kathy Wilson

We have been asked to tell you about predictions for the upcoming year on your planet and in your third dimension. You have grown beyond the need for such things as predictions.

The New Reality Will Turn the World Right-Side Up

Sanat Kumara
Maureen St. Germain

This is Lord Sanat Kumara. You are the keepers of the flame of liberty — of personal freedom, love, and light for humanity. We salute you and are always here for you. We ask you to ask for our help every day. Ask for the ETs of the light to assist you.

Cultivate the Extraordinary

One Life
Catherine Weser

With the months of challenging energy from 2018 behind you, 2019 begins with a realization that you can transcend your usual, conditioned reaction to the challenges you perceive with One Life awareness, presence, and compassion for all life.

The Year of Higher-Self Integration and Creative Expansion

Ascended Master Hilarion

A most magnificent greeting to all beloved lightbeings! I wish to first acknowledge each soul for the inner work you have been so diligent with this past year.

It All Begins with You

Lightbeings of the Stars
Thelma Bodnar

Stand side by side with your inner self. Look inside the other to view that beautiful spirit that lies there.


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