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You Are Here to Expand Infinitely

Adora and Marna Pleiadian Beings
Jenine Beecher

Adora: Jenine, first I would like to say that I am sorry for the loss of your grandmother, who passed in May. You know she has been around in spirit. Her essence is very strong and pure.

Release Your Codependent Relationships

Amma the Divine Mother
Cathy Chapman

Blessings to you, dear ones. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. You were born from my womb, and I continue to hold you in my womb.

Reset Your Blueprint Systems

The Galactic Council of Lightbeings
gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Lightbeings. The information we bring you now may not fit well with your existing systems. Systems work in the background and are not always something you are consciously aware of.

Envision the Dream about to Unfold

The Guides
Deborah Harrington

We are here, and we have been looking forward to our speaking. There are many gathered here wanting to contribute to this session. There is great excitement on our side about the times you are currently in.

The Unleashing Potentials as Judgment Ascends into Divine Justice

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Bio-quantum masters, new potentials are unleashing through you as judgment ascends into divine justice. Let’s follow this potential and track its ongoing effects on you and your world so that you can “presence” how you’re creating these new potentials.

We Will Never Let You Down

The Angel Group Akabesh
Ingrid Auer

Greetings to you! We are the angel group Akabesh, and we have an important message for you. On your spiritual path to mastery here on Earth, you do not always have somebody by your side that understands you, advises you, or supports you in making decisions.

The Synergy of Cooperation

The Collective Soul of Your Galaxy
Carolyn Gervais

Human lifetimes come with backup plans that make themselves known once a present plan or course of action falls through for one reason or another, such as being let go from a job, losing a loved one, or a desire to do something very different with your life.

Live a Big Life

Red Eagle
Therese Dorer

Therese: The vision I see is of an expansive landscape of prairie grass blowing in the wind. The sky is vast and a deep azure blue. Flying high over the landscape is a huge red eagle that swoops and soars in the clear sky.

Protection Redefined

The Cosmic Essence Brethren
Sri Ram Kaa

Beloved angels of great light, we come forward with love and greet you. Birthing in full view of the entire universal channels of divine illumination, the moment of universal healing has arrived.

Expand Your Love, Evolve Your Soul

Master Imhotep
Karinna Nielsen

In your process as evolutionary light particles of the Creator Force, you are given countless opportunities to explore experiences of being love incarnate. As you weave through these experiences — also called lifetimes — you evolve your understanding of what love means.


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