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The Branch in the Road

The Branch in the Road Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Can you see it? Can you see the branch in the road before you? The veil is very thin now, and you have a choice. The branch in the road is before you, and you must choose. One way is the continuation of the struggle of the third dimension. The other way is the freedom of marching toward the oneness of love. The dividing place is before you now. Not choosing is no longer an option, for not choosing puts you moving nowhere in the middle of no road. It is time for you, my loves, to speak up, stand up, and bring your love-light to Earth as bright as you can and then brighten it even more. You are not alone. We are with you every step.

Sometimes you will slide back into the trap of your ego-mind and the great unconsciousness that is the darkness, but when you see and feel this, it is your job to extract it from your mind and replace it with love. Smile, for that connects you to the joy of love. We can finally see the smiles. They are no longer covered by the darkness. Are we defeated by what the darkness has thrown at us over the past years? No. We went deep into our heart centers, connected them to our minds, and opened our third eye and crown chakras to suck in all the light of the heavens we could hold. Did we fear? Sometimes, for the consciousness of the masses in fear did come all around us and try to smother us. How could we not feel it, hear it, and taste it?