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Why Do Some Spirits Hang Around?

Why Do Some Spirits Hang Around? Catherine MacMillan Sihoe

Someone recently asked why I thought a spirit might hang around on the earthly plane. I believe this to be a vitally important question, simply because the attitude and energy we hold while inviting spirit communication sets us up for the experience we will likely have. In other words, the answer to this question might vary quite dramatically depending on the attitude and desired outcome people hold when asking the questions in the first place. Let me explain.

Imagine you are on a ghost tour. You stand in a building at night. (Why they do ghost tours at night is another question.) It is cold and dark, and your heart beats wildly with anticipation. You look around the empty room with the intention of connecting to a spirit you hear is stuck there, and you begin to conjure all the possible reasons why. What explanations do you choose for that spirit?