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Sacred Geometry: Secret of the Compass and Square

Sacred Geometry: Secret of the Compass and Square Ethan Indigo Smith

The Silk Road (or, more accurately, the Silk Roads) spanned from China to the Mediterranean Sea and connected Persia, India, and West Africa. The diverse peoples of the world were connected by the trade of inventions and resources and the exchange of ideas, including the philosophy that encompasses what many today call sacred geometry. In sacred geometry, the correspondence of spirituality with humanity can be found through mathematical and geometrical concepts, including lessons of ascension.

The sacred geometry (or metaphysics) shared on the Silk Road was not named as such, and it was often simply an underlying level of the main studies of chemistry, alchemy, philosophy, mathematics, spirituality, or other subjects. Sacred geometry is the study of natural patterns or of natural relationships and their patterns. It is revealed in and inspired by nature and verified in mathematics. Sacred geometry is illustrated in the fractal correspondence of the massive and the miniature in all creation. It also occurs in the integration and transmutation of masculine and feminine energies toward generation and replication.