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The Only Way Out Is Through

The Only Way Out Is Through The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

The Star Elders are saying that by midyear (June) we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel; thus beginning a shift to the stalled/disconnected energy that we have been feeling. There was a slight glimmer of a breakthrough on the new moon in April. It has been a confusing and lackluster first few months in a new cycle packed full of divine potential, even though it feels flat as a pancake right now. Our truth and reality is clouded and blurred, and our passion appears dead and buried.

We have to make choices and decisions to move forward in our lives without our usual trusty inner compass. In the past, most of us have made our choices based on gut feelings, intuition, and passion or desires. These choices have come from comparisons between options, and any comparisons or judgments are a form of duality (remember that we did ask for the end of duality). Duality on a grander scale has caused wars and other atrocities throughout history, but on a day-to-day basis in our personal lives, duality has given us comparisons and the opportunity to make choices, and this has made us feel alive. Now we are faced with learning to feel alive in a new way without duality. Now that we are in the present now and moving out of duality consciousness, making choices based on desire and comparisons will not work anymore.

The Star Elders say we must keep moving. It does not matter what we choose but that we do something. Keep moving and keep choosing. Movement will start to align us into the new energy. We are in the process of rediscovering ourselves all over again. We need to keep our eyes and hearts open. It is a whole new ball game, and the guidebook is written in a different language.