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STAR Wisdom: The 2013 Dictionary

STAR Wisdom: The 2013 Dictionary Nina Brown

[Note: STAR is an acronym for surrender, trust, allow, and receive.]

Words spoken create distinct waves of potential in the quantum field of discrete energy units that surround and connect all of creation. In the new cycle of time/no time, what particle form, or reality, do we want our words, or dreams of potential, to collapse into?

We are creator beings and our chosen words are among our the tools of manifestation. Do we want the same expression of our life's experience, or do we choose to explore a more expanded version yet unknown to Earth, the galaxy, and the cosmos? If we choose the latter to express life's experience, is creation possible by the individual, or is it a collective venture?

In quantum physics, it is implied that there are greater possibilities expressed in the field when more than one person dreams. When multiple coherent thoughts align with the will of the divine Creator, the unknown can manifest. So perhaps we might imagine together The 2013 Dictionary and the impact our chosen words might have on manifestation in 2013.