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Knowing and Becoming Your True Self

Knowing and Becoming Your True Self Wendy Zellea

What does it mean to be a lightworker and what is the definition of spirituality? These words seem to mean different things as the evolutionary process continues. In 2013, spirituality is the process of being oneself. A lightworker is one who works with energy through themselves. The spiritual path, then, is one of returning to the being that we are so that our gifts and our purpose may be realized on the Earth plane.

Acknowledge Your Desires

How we begin this process is by quieting the mind so that we may hear ourselves, letting go of the noise and chatter and thinking of nothing. When you find yourself back in the noise, even if it is only a minute later, start thinking of nothing again. You created the habit of living in the collective consciousness, and you can create a new habit of living within and from yourself.

Begin to hear what your are saying to yourself. What do you like and with what do you resonate? When you acknowledge your desires, you are connecting to your higher self and what it is telling you. Surround yourself with beauty and you will hear the truth, for truth is beauty.