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Conscious Alchemy

Conscious Alchemy Tuesday May Thomas

It is said the one constant in the world is change. We all feel and experience it. Change is the cause of creation, and the act of creation is the backbone our world and universe is built on.

Alchemy, Chemistry, and Self-Healing

We can consider alchemy as the collective breath that gives rise to the interaction and exchange of energy and information in the world. Alchemy is concerned with the transformation of matter. As a conscious alchemist on the path of mastership, you are not only dismantling worlds, your work serves to conjure and create new ones in increasingly new ways all the time.

Throughout history, alchemists have been noted as attempting to conjure the philosopher's stone, an exceptional healing tonic and life-giving substance known to convert base metals into gold. In practicing conscious alchemy, one's application naturally expands to include those parallel to chemistry.