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Ask the Angels: Send Love to the World

Ask the Angels: Send Love to the World Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I’ve read what your books say about the Holy Spirit and was blown away. Do the angels have more information about the Holy Spirit? I feel so miniscule when comparing myself to the incredible powers in the heavens.
— Kathi L., Idaho Falls, ID
From the angels: Yes, the Holy Spirit is a counterpart to the one God. The Holy Spirit holds no physical form as the one God but rather emits intense light, love, and power to all creation. The Holy Spirit cannot be addressed, for even thought is not a fine enough communication. The Holy Spirit cannot be viewed by the gods or we holy angels.
The Holy Spirit is purity in its finest form. He is a masculine existence. He is a power of indescribable eminence. The Holy Spirit gives absolute intelligence to all creation. The one God holds form and creates all form. We angels cannot look at the Holy Spirit. We cannot feel his emanations, for the force overwhelms us. We cannot speak his name to others. God alone feels the wonders of this in entirety.