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Ask the Angels: Angels Are Diverse

Ask the Angels: Angels Are Diverse Cheryl Gaer Barlow

I had an experience late one night in a snowstorm when I couldn’t move my truck and I was in a blind spot on a highway where anyone could run into me. The battery was dead, and I had no lights except a flashlight. I was terrified!
A man wearing a black suit with no coat knocked on my window and asked whether he could help. He had no vehicle. First, he put wood ( I don’t know where he got it) under the tires to get me out of the snow berm. Then he opened the hood and did something ( I don’t know what), and my truck started again, with lights. I offered to give him a ride, but he said no, he was only walking a short distance. He then turned, walked a few feet, and disappeared! Was this an angel?
I’m asking because the angel that came to you [Cheryl] was in a glorious white light with a long gown, what I would expect an angel to look like. This was a dark-haired, nice-looking young man with no light coming from him, and I wondered why he had no coat. It was freezing. I think if he hadn’t been there to help me, I wouldn’t be alive now.