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Animal Whisperer: Spy-Hop into Your Heart

Animal Whisperer: Spy-Hop into Your Heart Your Ever-Loving Pets through Kim Malonie

I just absolutely love whales and have always felt them to be kindred spirits. I went to Maui last month. As I was kayaking, a whale spy-hopped very close to me, and I felt that it was trying to communicate with me. It was so close that I felt it knew exactly where I was and avoided smashing into me. At the same time, it wanted to make its presence known and be close to me.
I was on a whale tour boat last month. People were in awe as the giant creatures came close to the boats. Many reached down to touch them and connect with them. I’ve heard from the media that whales and dolphins love to be close to people. I’ve wondered whether they’re trying to tell us something.
— Whale-lover Wendy, HA
From the whales: Wendy, you have such a beautiful and airy name! Can you visualize my big whale smile? First, I have a personal message for you; then I need to get a serious message out to people.