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Life and Vitality: the Letter Hh

Angeline Welk

Focus on Inner Balance and Life-Promoting Thoughts

Shamanic Wisdom: Death and Dying from a Shamanic Perspective

Jan Engels-Smith

Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but by its breathtaking moments.

— Michael Vance

Shifting and Changing

Debbie Anderson

It is accepted that life keeps shifting and changing. It's called progress. For the most part, after we stop fighting each new transition, we usually get into our groove and begin to acknowledge the next uncharted journey unfolding before us.

Just Do It!

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Resolution time — change is in the air. We want to do it this time! This time, we are really ready to lose that weight, get that project off the ground, write that book, clear that clutter, exercise more, meditate more, and be kinder.

Shamanic Wisdom: How to Develop a Healthy Prayer Life

Jan Engels-Smith

Prayer is focused energy with strong intent. Developing a healthy prayer life is part of the dedication that is required for the journey on the spiritual path. Prayer can take many forms — formal, informal, casual, elegant, spoken, or silent. All are acceptable, and all are heard.

The Living Alphabet: Perceiving Yourself through the Letter Ii

Angeline Welk

The English letter I relates to your current view of yourself, which includes attitudes formulated from past experiences and the confidence you have in managing your life. It reveals your perception of who you are.

Animal Whisperer: To Spay or Neuter - That Is the Question

Kim Malonie

Okay, this is a rather touchy subject (no pun intended). Letメs put it this way, folks: We really like being whole, and the thought of being altered in any way, shape, or form sends shivers up our wee spines.

The Living Alphabet: The Alchemy of Goodness: the Letter Jj

Angeline Welk

The archetypal nature of the letter Jj prompts you to let goodness lead you as you define your life in this era, calling for an all-inclusive justice brightened with kindness. Goodness is love in motion. Its interior light is that of justice, fairness, humility, and responsibility.

Essences of Nature: Regaining the Power to Participate Fearlessly in Love

Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

As we near our favorite holiday of love, it prompts the question, モWho do we love?ヤ Do we love our significant other? Do we love ourselves? How does the way and manner in which we love fulfill or deny us? What do we expect when we say, モI love youヤ?

Shamanic Wisdom: The Shamanic Use of Effigies

Jan Engels-Smith

Effigies have been a part of many cultures even up to contemporary times. To モburn someone in effigyヤ refers to creating a physical likeness of a person for the purpose of denigrating the individual.


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