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Shamanic Wisdom: Soul Retrieval Heals Night Terrors

Shamanic Wisdom: Soul Retrieval Heals Night Terrors Jan Engels-Smith

Soul retrieval is a major interest of mine. It is a shamanic technique that is believed to be the oldest healing procedure on the planet. I have dedicated my professional career to this process and have done more than 3,500 soul retrievals, so I have thousands of case studies from which to learn more about the human condition and how we can benefit from integrating ancient traditions into our contemporary healing practices.
I feel that with every soul retrieval, I learned from the spirits vast amounts of information about life, other lifetimes, karma, the power of words, human energetic systems, empowerment and disempowerment, self-care, wellness, the death process, discarnate beings, the value of relationship, and why we incarnate.
I have done several soul retrievals that were profound for me. One that still affects me was when a woman called to make an appointment for her daughter, who was having night terrors. Night terrors are different from nightmares in that the people experiencing them can’t be awakened. In fact, the more you try to wake them, the deeper they travel into their terror. Often the sleeping person makes bone-chilling, eerie sounds. The sleeping person’s eyes can be open or closed. If they are open, you can see, soul deep, the horror of their experience. Night terror episodes are terrifying for all concerned.