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Benevolent Outcomes: Just Ask

Benevolent Outcomes: Just Ask Tom T. Moore

I am amazed each week as I receive stories from people living the Gentle Way. People request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for themselves and say benevolent prayers (BPs) for other people and beings, and each week they are original. You simply say, “I request a most benevolent outcome for _____. Thank you!” Or you can say, “I ask any and all beings to _____. Thank you!” Here are more stories to inspire you as they do me.
Vivian writes: Is it all right to record an MBO and put it on a loop so that I don’t have to repeat the MBO all over again?
From Tom: This made me chuckle, as I have not heard it before. I’m told that in the future, scientists will rediscover the power of the spoken word. So the MBO or BP has to come from the human voice box and not from a recording. A recording can be used as a reminder, but the power comes from requesting the MBOs yourself.