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Shift to a Galactic Consciousness

Kenton David Bell

We are Telos. We are a multidimensional energy that consists of many consciousnesses braided together as one unified being of consciousness. We come through the Central Sun. That is the most approximate location and origin we can share with you at this time that is understandable to humankind.

On the Road of Ascension

The Collective Soul Consciousness
Carolyn Gervais

The awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind. — Eckhart Tolle

A Revolution in Consciousness

Jeshua of the Sacred Heart
Carlos Rubio

Greetings, beloved ones! I go by many names. Names are just labels that hold an imprint of the energy of the host. The energy itself is neutral. Therefore, the labels that can be assigned to my energy are inconsequential and do not affect the being that I am.

Are You Ready to Take a Stand?

Archangel Michael

Beloved masters, your greatest inborn desire is to return to full God consciousness; however, there is still much confusion as to how this is to be accomplished. Many of you are well on your way to becoming cocreative masters of light once more.

Feeling Lost: An Ascension Phase

The Arcturians
Natalie Glasson

Greetings and love we extend to you now. We are the collective energy and consciousness of the Arcturians. We wish to bring forth information as well as guidance of how to overcome an ascension phase with tools, skills, and sacred spaces.

The Collective Choice Facing Humanity

Angel Raphael
Adria Wind Horse Estribou

There are times when humanity must make choices. As individuals, you face choices all the time. Every day you wonder: What will I have for breakfast? What should I wear? Who is with me today? Should I change my life course or stay where I am?

What Holds You Back?

Master Imhotep
Karinna Nielsen

At this time of great transformation on Earth, I suggest that you let go of the past, move forward, and feel more and more love in your life. Releasing what is past, staying present, and raising your awareness of love is what moves you into the new dimensional energies.

Beyond Human Psychology

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Light masters, you have activated the lightbody neuralsensor networks for all the lightbody systems that you brought with you from the meta-light universes when you were born.

The Key of Metatron

Judith K. Moore

When creation is in metamorphosis, there is change on all levels, dimensions, and realms of the archetypal forces that manifest in material reality.

Look at Your Differences as Gifts

Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, what a wonderful day it is. I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. I am the mother of everyone you see, experience, hear of, or know about. You are all siblings. You are all created from the same energy of love.


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