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In God We Trust

Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
Judith Coates

Beloved one, let us speak on a topic you know very well; at least, the words you know very well. We will speak of the Father: to trust in God. But in order to do that, you have to know who and what God is, and down through the ages, God has been defined in many different ways.

New Earth Systems

Galactic Council of Light Beings
gia combs-ramirez

Greetings! We are the Galactic Council of Light Beings. We are here to support you in this time of great transformation of all living systems on Earth.

Final Reality Key for Ascendants

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

How do I embody or hold my composite eternal presence stable without slipping out of my body?

A New Cycle of Creation

Archangel Michael

Beloved master, the stage is set and the curtain is about to rise on the new dawn of tomorrow.

Step into Fearlessness

Angel Raphael
Adria Wind Horse Estribou

This is Raphael. Among the many concerns that humans face, fear has been called forward by your leaders of great renown as an issue to face in 2020. It is not that circumstances are dire (although they are dire to an animal in a brushfire or a person under threat of a missile attack).

Command Mastery Presence to Create a New World

The Divine Directors
Sri Ram Kaa

With great presence, there is great love, and with great love, there is great presence.

Release Past Regrets

Miriandra Rota

Greetings, my beloved beings. Here we are in the early months of 2020, but I wish to speak with you about something that is beyond time and keeping track of days. Even though we speak of lifetimes and the past and future, the truth remains that all is one.

Live in a World of Your Conscious Creation

Master Imhotep
Karinna Nielsen

What is your commitment to consciously creating your world? Do you allow your reality to form around you, or do you look at your life and take responsibility for your creation?

Winds of Change

Red Eagle
Therese Dorer

Therese: I see a vision of a beautiful landscape of tall trees swaying in the wind; their leaves seem to dance. Red Eagle emerges from this scene, riding a horse. I feel his strength and love as he rides toward me. He dismounts and extends his hands with his palms up.

Dance Your Own Dance; Dream Your Own Dream

Norma Gentile

A wounded heart is a common theme. Whether from life circumstances or long-acquired habits, a closed heart is seldom by your soul’s design. Rather, your human heart seeks to breathe with life and love all that it encounters.


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