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Choose to Accept Yourself Now

Liane Rich

For the most part, you do not require more judgment placed against you. What you require is love and a certain amount of nurturing. You block most love at this time. You find it very difficult to love yourself and are often critical of your behavior. You see yourself as not doing well enough

Uplift Your Physical Vessel and Persona

The Arcturians
Miriandra Rota

Greetings. We, the Arcturians, come forth to speak with you on the topic of inner peace. Now this might seem to be an old topic or perhaps even a topic that you already know all about. Perhaps both are true. Yet we are called forth to speak on that topic. What is calling us forth?

Work Together with Mother Earth

Merlia and the Scientist of the Heart
Steve Rother

Merlia: Greetings. I am overjoyed to be with you. We’ve told you many times that you are the magicians of the game board. Most of you traveled from 300 years in the future to be here at this very critical balancing point for planet Earth.

Benevolent New Energies Are More Accessible

Wendy Rowley

Greetings, dearest beings of light. This is Allaenea of cosmic service. We would like to discuss a new energy coming into the planet at this time.

Your Ascended Reality Exists in the Now Moment

Carlos Rubio

There is perfection in the way life unfolds each and every day. What prevents you from perceiving this magnificence is nothing more than your human filters and physical senses.

Tend First to Survival

Robert Shapiro

Welcome. Grandfather mentioned “the plan” in a post on your blog, but he said the plan right now is for survival. You haven’t talked about the plan for humans in a while. Can you tell us how you see the plan for humans on Earth in the next, say, 50 or 100 years?

The Crystalline Universe

Jaap van Etten

In previous contributions to this column, I mentioned that four worlds exist on Earth and that they are separated by different frequencies.

Adaptable Meta-Heart Light Essence Matters

The New Ascended Masters
Maurene Watson

Masters of metaphysics and bio-essence love, light energy communication masters, energy potential magi, love- and life-fulfillment masters, and those lightbeings awakening, where are you now? And how do you adapt to the light?

Heal and Reveal the Possibilities Within

Centre of A
Debbie Anderson

You, dear child, are to take a long journey over rugged terrain. I will be there to help you. I will guide you and sustain you every step of the way. You only need to believe in yourself. Yes, many of you do not believe that statement. You fail to take the hand of the universe and move forward.

A New Program of Reality Reboots Earth and Humanity

Kenton David Bell

We are Telos, a multidimensional conglomerate of humanoid DNA existing in parallel worlds throughout the multiverse. Today, we work more with your local universe.


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