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Envision a World without Chaos

Em and Merlia
Steve Rother

Em: Greetings. I am overjoyed to be with you this day. You’ve made astounding movements in recent months.

You Are Now in a New Consciousness

Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings, mercy. This is Athanatos. It’s a name on St. Michael’s shield that means eternal. You are in a new consciousness now, and you are realizing it within you. Understand that you are an eternal being, and you always have been since the very beginning.

Ascension Over Evolution

The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim
Alison David Bird

There is a direct correlation between DNA activation and ascension into corresponding dimensions of experience. DNA strands activate according to your vibrational frequency — the “spin rate” speed within your chakra system.

Phone Calls from the Future — Future History

The Head of the Company
Robert Shapiro

Hello, there will be a slight delay because Doc is busy, so I think I will speak and get used to the process. I’m one of the people who worked with Doc [chuckles]. I like that name. Can you hear me all right?
Yes, you are doing great.

A Great Adventure

Robert Shapiro

All right, Doc here. I am sorry for being late. I was helping the channel who had an injury this morning and helped himself, but he needed a little extra help. I think he will be all right.
Oh, all right, I didn’t know that. He didn’t say anything about it.

The Second Age of Transformation

Creator via Spherical Being
Robert Shapiro

The second age of transformation is upon us. Enough souls who have been gathering for the Explorer Race Re-creation project have accumulated, and now the second age of transformation has begun. This transformation process cannot be deflected or harmed in any way.

The Creator’s Messenger

Spherical Being
Robert Shapiro

The reason a spider was chosen by us to be the one that gives the message is that their legs (or their arms) and their energy are always moving out spherically. It is we who received the message sent from the source of the energy sending the message, and we are a spherical being.

Stop Allowing Others to Suffer, and Frackers, Stop Being Greedy

Robert Shapiro

You are all now learning a lesson that has been learned over and over and over again by previous civilizations on Earth. That lesson is very simply that no matter who did what to whom, it’s going to take you all working together.

An Explanation of the Second Age of Transformation

Robert Shapiro

Zoosh, we have two channelings from Robert with different points of view: yours and, according to the Spherical Being, the Creator’s. Would you help us put them in perspective?

Create Your Own Future

Robert Shapiro

It’s time to create your own future. You can accept the future you have now, or you can re-create the future into something that is better for all people. This is what I recommend. Let’s keep it simple. First, say this with the ringer off on your phone and the least amount of distraction around.


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