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Free Yourselves to Move Forward

Free Yourselves to Move Forward Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My beloved children, you may be noticing how things within you are changing. You are part of the ongoing evolution of humanity and all living things occurring in the universe at this pivotal time. Mother Earth is beckoning you to undergo healing shifts within your own consciousness as you mirror the spiritual power growing in your world.

You are meeting struggles and challenges from the depths of your being that must be addressed in order for you to move forward in your lives. Family dysfunctions that exist within your DNA are surfacing “in your face” time and again, so you have to face them and push them from your new lives.

You cannot live out the old, unhealthy patterns of behavior. Your body and being are telling you otherwise. You are required to release the hypnotic family patterns, which can no longer serve you in a positive manner. If you do not release these neurotic, toxic models that do not serve you, you will not be able to flow with the vital new energy of the universe, which requires you to cleanse these issues.