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Miraculous Assumption of the Light

Miraculous Assumption of the Light The Infinite Wisdom through Judith K. Moore & Sean Sands

The epiphany of the ninth cosmic wave has elevated the capacity for light communion and unified conscious expression of the divine. The power from the inner realms has quickened and accelerated as each willing vessel of love engages with the cosmic forces.

The sensitivity of the energies of creation is a constant force with each cosmic wave. Each cosmic wave has reached an epiphany of light that accelerates the vibrations of the living Earth. The continuum for consciousness expands, and the waves increase in magnitude, dimension, and velocity. Your human cellular bodies are receptors for this expansive vibration. The lightbody is the vessel of light through which cosmic waves resonate. The ascension workers’ DNA has engaged with the cosmic formulas opening the crystalline vibrations of the God code within the DNA.

Channeling Cosmic Energies through Your Lightbodies

The lightbodies of those who have received the initiations in light and sound harmonics are reverberating with the vibration that orchestrates harmonics from the universe. The harmonics resonate constantly, not just when you are in a meditative state or when you are working with the collective group, because you are the awakeners, the holy vessels of light created for this divine purpose. At the time of your creation, Creator formed you of light. You have chosen incarnation at this time because you are ready to channel these powerful cosmic energies through your lightbodies.