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The Freedom is Within

The Freedom is Within The Pegasians through Ray Dawn

Hello to you. We greet you in the kindest of ways. We meet you in the heart space and we ask you to relax there, here in this moment, and to be in this natural flow of being of which we speak to you. This natural state of being is your natural way to be upon this Earth and to be in all reality. To be in this reality is the way to be natural here, and to be natural is how it should be here. However, it feels that it is not always so.

To slow down into the moment, to breathe in this instant, and to relax into this instant is the way to be natural here on this Earth. How is it to be otherwise? How is it to be other than the way it is here on this Earth? Can it be otherwise?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Yes, and we know this is the question here on this Earth: How can I be here and be otherwise? How can I live in my passion here on this Earth when I have to do this, this, and this before I can be otherwise here on this Earth? How is this so? How is this so important to not be able to breathe in this instant? When it feels I must do this, this, and this . . .