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Opportunities for Awakening and Enlightenment

Opportunities for Awakening and Enlightenment Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My beloved children, there is a grand quiet pervading the universe. Healing energies are gathering to bring forth abundance in opportunities for awakening and enlightenment. The human family is being prepared spiritually and emotionally for transcendent evolution. The time is upon us as we move into new life and being. More and more of the stifling old ways are being disrupted to make way for the new consciousness of living. Holy saints are coming directly to the people to encourage and inspire change, and you are being called on to live your lives to the fullest, encompassing your dreams. No longer can people tolerate living in scarcity and fear; all of life must be honored for its very existence. Each of you is entitled to fulfill your destiny. Your soul energy is lifting you where you need to be. Surrender to your mother and your every possibility.

Continue to Plant the Seeds of Non-Violent Protest

Elect representatives who actually speak and act for you. Make sure they are working for you, the people. Remove from office any elected officials who do not make you their priority for excellent living. Continue to plant the seeds of nonviolent protest en masse as required, and your unity as one body of humanity will move the obstacles. Be prepared internally for challenges and upheaval. You will weather the storms brewing to create havoc and despair, because you are centered in the healing love energy of the universe. From this sacred place, you will continue to initiate sweeping social and political justice for all people.

The holy mother and father energies are leading you to create crucial integration of your feminine and masculine selves within. Only then can you accomplish this integration of opposites in the world. When you are at peace in yourselves, then you can readily allow inclusiveness of diversity in your lives. You will no longer attack the stranger who is alien or different from you, because she is truly part of you. From ancient times, gods and goddesses flourished together. Whenever one dominated the other, there was no balance and no peace. Only in a loving integration can you be your best human selves. The sacred marriage has been revered as the alchemical archetype of human beings living to their full potential. This potent spiritual union manifested in the flesh has been recognized and realized since the first written epic poem, Gilgamesh. Transformation and healing occur through its authentic action.