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After Taking a Hard Knock, Get Up and Carry On

After Taking a Hard Knock, Get Up and Carry On Master Confucius through Ingrid Auer

When projects that are very close to your heart fail, it is very painful. After all, it’s easy to assume that a heartfelt desire to put your vision into action is part of your life plan or your destiny. It usually is but with an open outcome. By this, I mean that the outcome of your undertaking is not pre-ordained; instead, it is up to you to determine. I know that such bluntness is not pleasant, but after all, don’t you want to learn from your mistakes and gather experience?

Some heartfelt desires are disguised as learning tasks, sugarcoated so that you take the bait. After all, if you did not feel like putting your visions into action, you would probably steer clear of these learning processes. This is why they are coated in such a way that makes you want to unwrap them and tackle them.

Sometimes the failing of a project also means that you should look closer and with more discernment when it comes to putting a vision into action in the future and that you should not let yourself get carried away by your feelings. When setting something in motion, keep a watch for whether the time is right, whether the right people are by your side, and whether you have another lesson to learn before you can realize it.