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Ask for Assistance to Get Past Your Obstacles

Ask for Assistance to Get Past Your Obstacles El Morya and the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain and Master Ray through Maureen St. Germain

This is El Morya. I sit on the ray of the will of God. I am here to remind you that you have a mission. Your burning desires are your mission. If you think you cannot achieve your mission or your burning desire, I say, “Think again.” You carry this urgency because it is your mission. If you see obstacles in your way and can name them, you must say to me, “El Morya, I thought I was supposed to do this. I cannot see any way around this obstacle. And if there is a solution, I need to know it.” I will step in and show you the way around the obstacle.

I do not care how many times you fall down. I want to know whether you will get back up. My mastery as a student and chela of the first ray allows me to change the reality for you. You can cut through, break through. Do not beat yourself up for past failures. That is folly. Leave those mistakes behind, and make sure you show up. Just show up. That is all.

• • •

This is the Great Divine Director. We seek for you to meditate at this moment. I carry the master plan for the planet, which means I wield great power with regard to your personal plan. If you ever face a situation in which you feel you cannot succeed — the mountain is too high, the mission too great — come to me, and ask to be released. You will be released. Then you can ask for a new mission you will be successful at. There is no judgment on our part. We do not wish you to suffer. We wish only for your success. We are with you always.