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A New You, a New Earth

A New You, a New Earth Archangel Metatron through Natalie Glasson

As Earth moves through a new cycle/year, major shifts of love are being instigated in every moment. Earth and humanity have begun a long-awaited alignment with the planet Venus in 2016. Venus is known as the planet of love, so a union between Earth and Venus will support Earth in more fully anchoring into the era of love.

Venus has ascended to become a planet of bliss while Earth will be known as the new planet of love. A powerful process is taking place. Earth is being invited to accept her natural vibration, qualities, and truth while equaling the love frequency created and maintained on Venus. Humans have also been offered the same mission throughout 2016. You and every person on Earth are being invited to recognize your truth and to create a high vibration of love within every cell of your beings. Not only will this support Earth’s alignment with Venus, but it will also act as a powerful boost for ascension.

Venus wishes to anchor Earth into a new dimension of love. Thus, the higher heart of Earth and humanity will be activated. It will be from this space of a superconsciousness of love that many more people will be able to see beyond illusion and devote their entire being to the creation of love for Earth and the entire universe.