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The Evolution of Human Communication

The Evolution of Human Communication Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

There is much in your world that is unique to it only, much that will not be found on or in any other world. This is by your design and your creation. Those unique traits were not given to you by others nor was the inspiration for them. These things are of your initiation only. Their creation was inspired and necessitated by your experience of living in the physicality of the third dimension — in particular, the third dimension on Earth. These unique traits are what you call evolution.

All living things on your planet, whether animal or plant, have experienced their own specific type of evolution in accordance with their needs. This is also true of you, human. There’s a great difference, however, in the evolution of humans and that of all other living beings in your world. That difference is the rate and the quality of your evolution.

The Next Step in Language

Your languages are one of your most evolved characteristics. It was not so many of your years ago that your language consisted of a very limited variation of sounds. It is only within the past few thousand years, a millisecond in the reality of the universe, that you evolved your language into a means of communication that included singular words. Following that step in your communication evolution inspired you to string words together so as to create and communicate more complete messages.