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Activate Your Spiritual Liberation

Activate Your Spiritual Liberation Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Greetings from the spiritual plane, beloved students, as you enter July, the month when Americans celebrate national Independence Day. From a spiritual perspective, each of you might be better served by thinking of July 4 as Liberation Day. In this way, you can utilize the holiday energy for activating the flow of your spiritual liberation. How amazing to notice that you have passed the halfway mark in 2016! May this month be filled with blessings for all of you, and may you truly open to the possibility of your mind’s liberation from the oppressor of suffering.

The Political Monster

Much of the world is watching the political season in the United States intensifying as the nation makes its way to the general elections in November. For most of you, this has been a chaotic, if somewhat vapid, process. You have witnessed a searing quality to the projections some candidates have spewed toward other candidates, and in the dinginess of the fray, anything approaching truth seems elusive at best and perhaps otherwise quite impossible. By now, you may have had your fill of “right” and “left” versions of the apparent issues, finding it necessary to simply endure the storm until it plays out. It is probably important to ask yourselves what you are learning from this process.