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Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

Be Mindful of Your Thoughts Yoichi Utebi

For most of us, the word “curse” brings to mind fantastical images of black magic, witches’ cauldrons, and a little eye of newt and toe of frog. Though we may be tempted to believe curses are merely fantasy, they can, in fact, be a very real manifestation of negative thoughts.

Knowing that our thoughts shape our reality, most of us have focused on using the power of positive thinking and acts of love to try to create harmony, happiness, and success in our lives. However, we cannot ignore the existence of the negative alongside the positive in this world. If we are not mindful of our negative thinking — the poisons of the mind that constantly invade our thoughts — we stand the chance of allowing those thoughts to grow strong enough to harm us or others. Yes, there is power in positive thinking, but there is an equal and opposite power in negative thinking.