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Activating Ascension Portals of Light

Activating Ascension Portals of Light Deb Starwalker

As a galactic starseed emissary for anchoring new ascension-energy portals into Mother Earth, I was sent to Arizona on a new mission: to activate the Tucson-Green Valley area into its destiny of being a new galactic-ascension area of light and crystalline portal. Divine guidance said it was time for this area to hold the new incoming higher frequencies of ascension light that are shifting our planet.

One of the galactic beings I channel, said, “This is an influx of new crystalline light activation. The time has arrived for celestial cities of light to be awakened on the Earth plane. Worldwide crystalline pathways and cities of light will be activated and act as transducers, stepping down the higher frequencies of brilliant-white crystalline light and energy coming into the Earth plane.”