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The Energy of the Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal

The Energy of the Lion’s Gate 8:8 Portal Ascended Master Kuthumi and the Goddess Diana through Chanel Lingenfelder

Kuthumi: I am Kuthumi, and I come forward on the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this time and gift you with a divine blessing of love. The lion’s gate infinite portal to the Divine Goddess is all about the Divine Feminine creative energy, and the Leo energy invites all to roar their power with royalty. Each year this coincides with the galactic celebration of the planetary new year on July 26 when this gateway starts to awaken, and it comes into full power four days prior to August 8 and closes on August 12.

This is a time of embracing the new codes of light — the diamond codes — that are directly emitted via the Great Central Sun through Sirius, your spiritual sun, which streams its love toward you. Your planetary evolution depends on this energy for its fuel injection of light codes to assist with transformation on all levels. The alignment of your sun and Sirius also celebrates a configuration with the Sphinx and Great Pyramids in Giza that amplifies the flow of energ