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Be a Consciously Active Participant in the Cocreative Process

Be a Consciously Active Participant in the Cocreative Process Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

September 2015 energies flow, empowering the authentic feminine wisdom of Lilith and offering a deeper soul-heart experience to all. These energies embody wisdom, truth, and timing as well as integrity, passion, life-affirming love, depth of genuineness, and receptive vulnerability to guidance from the soul heart, the inner truth center, and Source. The goal is to live, love, express, and be in ways that empower, honor, respect, and nurture what is the most life affirming, wisest, broadest, and deepest for all beings throughout the cosmos. A remembrance by the human kingdom of its connectedness, its role as cocreator with all kingdoms — devic, imaginal, elemental, angelic, integral, Creator, and human — is now communicated from the Mother of All Creation to Earth and its inhabitants.

Portals within people, sacred sites, and ancient wisdom-teaching places shall be activated worldwide, triggering oracular responses, visions, and opportunities for those open to receiving them. For some, the tremendous amount of portal openings may stir fear deep within the psyche as memories surface of days of old when prophecy meant punishment. Prayers for those who respond in fear to open their hearts to the wisdom and guidance now being offered allows dreams, messages, and wisdom that assist the human kingdom to shift away from fear, destruction, and death to love, wisdom, and life in a smooth and easy manner.

Shifts Will Take Place