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Recognize and Clear All Your Fears

Recognize and Clear All Your Fears Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

During October 2015, the human kingdom shall experience major ancient memory activation of previous cataclysmic events whose bits and pieces have become many of the myths, legends, religions, shamanic traditions, rituals, ceremonies, and belief systems intertwined in the psyche for thousands of years. This is the transitional activation to face, overcome, and integrate to bring wholeness to each member of the human kingdom to assist people in releasing fear and opening to love.

In order for the human kingdom to once again become cocreators with all the kingdoms of the cosmos, a remembering of the ancient commitments to being a cocreator with Earth and all its inhabitants is necessary. To do so requires the release of human-created fear, which leads to separation, guilt, shame, grief, greed, need, dishonesty with self and others, limitation, and eventually death. Projection, blame, avoidance, denial, or suppression of fear empowers destruction and death. Only in recognition of fear — its creation through dominance, control, and manipulation — and its empowerment is it possible to release the fear and cease to give it any energy in the present moment. Only through fear can anything or anyone disempower.

Replace Fear with Love and Connection