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Manifest the New

Manifest the New Michelle Karen

September is a cosmically intense turning-point month. The first part of the year, which began with the spring equinox and ended with the summer solstice, marked a time of clearing and letting go, both personally and collectively, of the last remnants of the old consciousness. The solar eclipse on September 12 heralds the second portal of this year: manifestation of the new. It will be complete by the winter solstice.

Two eclipses occur this month. Eclipses are always exciting times of no return that affect us in ways that change our lives for many years to come. We need to be very careful regarding what we say on an eclipse day, as our words could be irreversible. The transformations initiated on those dates anchor the course of our destiny.

The solar eclipse new moon is on Saturday, September 12 at 11:41pm (20˚10’ Virgo). This degree is represented in the Sabian symbols by “a girls’ basketball team.” Revolutionary new ideas come with this eclipse, as well as unexpected friendships and a huge sense of freedom. Our healing abilities become stronger than ever. A strong sense of purpose and generosity inspires us to selfless service. This eclipse helps us access buried psychic abilities, as well as wisdom internalized from past-life initiations.