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Global and Personal Numerology for August 2015

Global and Personal Numerology for August 2015 Lynn Buess

I have been in this business for over fifty years and have watched all kinds of predictions about convergences, the new millennium, appearances of masters and avatars, landings by extraterrestrials, and so on. The dates come and go, and the world goes on in its (pretty much) dysfunctional way. I too have speculated at times about possible acknowledged contact events. If we lived in an open and uncontrolled world, it would have been announced long ago.

From a numerical point of view, this is a month for a possible paradigm-changing event or series of events. It most likely will catch us by surprise and not be the sort of event that is often predicted. As with any type of prediction, it is important to listen to your own intuition for guidance, and having foreknowledge can be helpful. August 28 is a day filled with possibility, though this month and day may come and pass as the world goes on in its apparently usual way.

June through September ring as crucial months of consciousness, and events during this time may well alter our world paradigm once again. The hearts within many who are awakening now feel a quickening of the spiritual pulse as they sense a deeper presence and perception of compassion and the loving light.