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The Great Transition

The Great Transition Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

January 2022 begins with a stellium of four planets and the asteroid Cupido in the earth sign Capricorn, signaling the necessity to express and communicate compassion, connection, and cooperation with the figure-eight flow of energies between self and all within — as well as the people, places, and circumstances showing up daily in the world. Authentic power comes from the full honest expression of feelings, thoughts, and emotions devoid of selfish ego agenda. The wisdom to cocreate with the universe in this wise way shall assist all those aligned with their soul-hearts’ purpose expressed through cooperation, clear and honest communication, and unconditional love to attain the ability to utilize the “power of the word” — regardless of how it is expressed — be it in work, chanting, song, dance, art, or music.

This is an opportune time to follow one’s soul-heart inspirations, expressing them in multitudes of ways with feeling. This empowers, energizes, and shines the light of truth on the viable path options open to full expressive manifestation. The solar father sun energies — as well as Venus, Pluto, Mercury, and the asteroid Eros — all facilitate the calling in and anchoring into 3D with connection to the 5D, the soul-heart’s path, and destiny. The more one is able to remain in the present moment, in the heart of the figure-eight flow between self and All That Is, the more ease with which these powerful destiny paths will reveal themselves