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Awakened Citizens Become Active

Awakened Citizens Become Active Lynn Buess

World politics and policies are more obviously being administrated under the thumbs of the United Nations and China, and we’re seeing increasing disregard to national sovereignty. The media spreads fear of wars and threats of conflict, disease, and social collapse to keep the masses confused and controlled.

The numerical cycles of the month and year focus on medicine and authority, among other issues. Citizens across the globe show immense growing concern over the experimental gene therapy modification vaccine. The media and collaborating medical exponents strive to explain what is happening as a troublesome increase of injected high school, college, and professional-level athletes start dropping seriously ill and dead in the middle of competitions (see news/health-news/articles/2021-11-29/covid-may-trigger -heart-condition-in-young-athletes). They could come up with new omicronic explanations as to why vaccinated athletes and millions of others experience serious maladies or death