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A New Consciousness Emerges in November

A New Consciousness Emerges in November Lynn Buess

As the masses are running around in spirals of cognitive dissonance, it is time for the awakened to speak up and act on their truths. This is a cycle of reminiscence as old timers look back to the days of blue skies, a red sun, farm vegetables that yielded 75 to 80 percent more nutrients, and a penny that could actually purchase something.

Healing and health-related issues take up a big portion of the news this month. There’ll be announcements and revelations of miracle healings, amazing new technologies, long-hidden health helpers, large-scale medical fraud caught on tape, and a wave of alternative practices that prove effective. There will also be news regarding your usual elements of scammers and a growing number of the population who are starting to recognize the importance of taking responsibility and action to restore the world to a state of well-being.